Try These Unique Ways to Invite Guests to A Birthday Party

If your little ones are fond of magic shows and performing tricks for the family, make their special day unforgettable by setting up a magic-themed party. You harry potter-themed party will stand out from the rest with a bit of support and ideas.

Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

If your child is fond of magic, they are most likely to fall in love with the young wizard. There are numerous fascinating Harry potter birthday invitations ideas to choose from. For instance, you are sending a magical letter where you are humbly requesting the presence of your loved ones at your child’s upcoming birthday party. It is just like sending an invitation like the one Harry receives at Hogwarts, requesting them to come in with their wand and wizard outfits.

Next, you may organize the famous game Quidditch and divide the kids into team names like Slytherin, Gryffindor, and other houses. Enjoy the game in an open space like in the garden. After the gameplay, you can reward them with house points and arrange a trophy for the winning team. Finally, you can hang a Hogwart themed pinata as Harry Potter invitations and allow the kids to go wild. Therefore, a Hogwart themed pinata should be on the top of your priority list.

Play With Pinata

Do you know which game requires a significant amount of energy at your child’s birthday party? Some experts say that playing with harry potter themed pinata can be the best choice for making your party hit. You can get in one of the online shops, from hanging ships to flying wizards.

DIY Magic Tricks

A magic party cannot be imagined without magic tricks. An excellent way of displaying it on occasion is by teaching them a few tricks. Then, the kids can try the trick with their fellow friends and individually perform them in a show. You can get a lot of ideas about magic tricks from the internet. However, you should invest a decent amount of time understanding the tricks and making any materials you may need.

Arrange Animated Invitations

Make sure to induce a sense of magic even before the party begins & send out themed invitations. You can state the guest’s name that you will consider inviting and provide a magic word within the invitation that will help them access entry to the party.

Also, state this text with the help of invisible ink, and also you should provide the instruction for revealing it. Then, finally, you can request them to come dressed like a wizard with hats on their heads and wands in their hands.

Request Guest To Dressed As A Magician 

You may also appoint a magician to do the magic tricks. They are experts in conducting schemes at different children’s parties. Besides, your magic-loving little angel will be loved to become the magician’s helper during the show. To make the birthday theme more awesome, you should know that research is the key. You can take the suggestion from your friend or search in the online directory to get the reference of renowned magicians near your house. 

Organize Magic Party Tournaments

Everybody loves the concept of making a magic-themed birthday party around the venue. Please try to hide the pictures of rabbits, magic wands, and top hats, with text written on them. The text should be in a series of anagrams, and it is pretty fun to reveal the text written in anagram as it engages the mind of the kids. And once they have cracked the pattern, they can decode the text and win a prize in return. You can choose to makeovers of classic children’s party games such as musical bumps, musical statues, and musical chairs as well. While organizing a game of magical chairs, you can include a soundtrack with a magical background.

Make A Themed Birthday Cake

For making a Harry Potter-themed birthday party, you can manifest a cake in the shape of a magician hat or a book of spells, or a magic wand to make a valuable piece for your tableware. You can also add a photo of your kid to the cake. 

Makeover Your Tableware

The party pieces can appear using magic rituals. You can makeover the tableware which goes with the theme of the party. Some things that can spark the party are the ace of spades, napkins, magic garland, and magician hats. You can entice your guest with the magic word and explore the most out of the party.

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