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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Having learned from the owner that something evil is being planned at Hogwarts for Dobby from Harry Potter, Dobby hurries to prevent Harry from coming to Hogwarts to keep him out of trouble. To do this, Dobby first steals all the letters that Harry receives from friends ( after all, if Harry has no friends left, he may not want to go back to Hogwarts ).

Then, when this plan fails, and negotiations with Harry do not lead to anything, Dobby decides to take extreme measures: with the help of Levitation magic.

He brings down the holiday pudding on the Dursleys’ kitchen floor ( in the film, the pudding fell on the head of the Dursley’s guest Mrs. Mason ) so that Harry would be expel from school for such a “leprosy”. However, Dobby’s plan also fails: Harry is not remove.

Desperate, Dobby finds a new opportunity not to let Harry go to Hogwarts: he makes a passage on platform 9¾ so that Harry can’t sit on the train and get to school. But Harry finds a way out of this situation.

Then Dobby gets to Hogwarts, accompanying Lucius Malfoy, invited to the first Quidditch match, in which his son Draco participates. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Dobby casts a spell on a Bludger – one of the balls. A bouncer that flies at the next player in the game, trying to inflict some injury. The enchanted Bludger is now only chasing Harry instead of pursuing a random player. As a result, the Bludger breaks Harry’s arm, and the boy ends up in the hospital wing. Here Harry and Dobby have a second conversation, during which Dobby _ it is say that the chamber of secrets was first opened fifty years ago.

Terrified that Dobby has said too much, he first punishes himself by bashing himself in the head with a bottle of the bonfire, and then, when Harry presses him with questions, Dobby disappears.

The next meeting between Harry and Dobby occurs at the end of the book when the basilisk is defeat, and Tom Riddle’s diary is destroy. Lucius Malfoy, head of the board of trustees, came with Dobby to Dumbledore’s office, where Harry was at the moment. Harry guessed who _ serves Dobby and who planted the diary of Ginny, Ron’s sister.

And decided to reward Dobby. Harry tricked Lucius into giving Dobby a sock, “real clothes “, thus breaking the magical contract. When he realized that Harry had tricked him from anger, Malfoy tried to kill the boy. However, Dobby no longer had to obey Malfoy and, using elven sorcery, protected Harry from Lucius. In gratitude that Harry freed him, Dobby promised to fulfil any request. And Harry asked the elf: “Promise never save my life again,” as these “saves” did more harm than they prevented. _

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It first appears when Harry, Ron and Hermione visit the Hogwarts kitchen. There he appears before the heroes in an extraordinary form.

On the head, instead of a woman’s cap, which is put on a teapot, bright badges are pin to it; on a bare chest a tie with a pattern of horseshoes; something like children’s football shorts and mismatched socks. _ One of them, black, Harry once removed from his legs and tricked Malfoy into throwing him at Dobby, freeing him. The other sock is pink with orange stripes.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 21.

Having lost his place under the Malfoys, Dobby tries to find a job, but he asks for his work, unlike other elves. Unfortunately, this was enough to make Dobby unemployed: magicians are not used to paying house-elves. In desperation, Dobby turns to Albus Dumbledore, trying to get a job, and Dumbledore agrees to all the conditions, making, in addition, a counteroffer: ten ships a week and two days off.

But Dobby refused such an amount, considering it too much wealth, and agreed to one Galleon a week and one holiday. He explains his refusal very simply: “Dobby is a freedom-loving elf, but he does not need a lot of money. Dobby loves to work !”

On Christmas morning, Dobby visited the fourth-year Gryffindor dormitory and presented Harry Potter with multicoloured socks of his knitting.

On February 24, Dobby awakens Harry from his sleep before the second test of the Triwizard Tournament and informs him that his “Wheezy” (that’s how he pronounce Ron Weasley’s last name ) was stolen from him. The elf also gives Harry dillweed – algae that allows you to breathe underwater, which helped Harry pass the test. Dobby stole them from a closet in Snape’s office, overhearing a conversation between the false Moody and McGonagall about the future task of the Tournament.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The first time Dobby appears in this book is in Chapter 18. _ He interrupts Harry Potter’s sleep and gives him his owl Hedwig, which Harry had previously given to Professor Grubbly – Derg, a teacher for the care of magical creatures, for treatment. Dobby finds out _ Harry has a bad dream and offers him any help. Potter is just looking for a place to practice Dumbledore’s Army and tells Dobby about it. Dobby happily replies that he knows a place called the Rescue Room and tells Harry how to get there.

In the 21st chapter of the fifth book, Dobby decorates the Rescue Room for the last pre-Christmas gathering of OD, in particular, hangs golden toys from the ceiling with the image of Harry and the inscription “HARRY, HARRY, MY STAR !”

In the 27th chapter of “The Centaur and the Snake “, Dobby suddenly appears at the next OD lesson, warns the guys about the imminent appearance of Professor Umbridge and at the same time tries to kill himself for not following the order since all the house elves were ordered to be silent. However, while Dumbledore’s squad is trying to escape, Potter tells Dobby to return to the Hogwarts kitchen, not to say that Harry has been warned and not to force himself.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Dobby, along with Kreacher, followed Draco Malfoy at the request of Harry Potter. Dobby watched with much more zeal, and they even fought Kreacher because he called Harry Potter names and was not enthusiastic.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

At the request of Aberfoth Dumbledore, Dobby helped Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Mr Ollivander, Dean Thomas, and the goblin Griphook get out of Malfoy Manor. Since elven magic is different from regular magic, spells against transgression did not work on him. By the way, by doing this, he broke the promise he made to Potter in the second book – never to save him. A knife thrown by Bellatrix Lestrange killed her. Harry Potter himself, without any magic, buried Dobby in the garden of the Shell cottage, owned by Bill and Fleur. On his tombstone, Harry Potter’s hand reads: “Here lies Dobby, the free elf – the house. “

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