The Criteria For Selling On Amazon

In terms of what you can offer in Amazon FBA, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s a “price-driven” marketplace. That means that customers browse the site to find the most affordable price. So, your offerings are required to be attractive to the people you want to reach and, often, within a specific price range.

You’re about to pick the products you’d like to sell on Amazon:

Top-selling Products

Check out the top-selling items for each category, then search for the most popular products. To know how to find best-selling products on amazon click here.

Choose items that are insignificant demand (or certain demand) An item doesn’t need to sell huge quantities daily. But, at an absolute minimum, the product you intend to sell must achieve minimum sales of 10 every day.

Don’t be overly trendy, or seasonal to ensure that you will have consistent sales over the year. Offering products that are in high demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will allow you to achieve sustainable growth.

Don’t pick markets with a high concentration of competition Consider international markets.

Pick your Niche

Find a niche that has a consistent demand. In general, consumers don’t simply browse Amazon and then search for something particular, e.g. “Cookbooks for instant pot cooking” is more specific than “Cookbooks”. 

Look at products that have little competition, which could indicate that there is a market untapped. There could be a high demand for a product but there aren’t many sellers selling it. What better way to get in on the bandwagon and sell a superior version of the item?

Consider Product Reviews

Leverage existing product reviews, e.g. the number of reviews can show how frequently a product is purchased, or the length of time a listing has been on the market. 

A few reviews within the range of 4-5 stars could mean that the item is beginning to become an extremely popular item.

Price and Quality

Think about products that are cheap to buy/make.

Check the quality of the product before you make a purchase. Examine samples provided by your suppliers. This is particularly important when you are using Amazon FBA.

Easy Transport

Choose products that are simple to transport, Be wary of items that are fragile or breakable, perishable, or susceptible to being damaged.

Find out about shipping costs and Amazon seller charges so you can narrow your choices, e.g. an item that weighs two pounds is light and easy to transport, which could reduce shipping costs.

Think about creating your label. Private label products are cheaper to purchase in comparison to the big brands, and you’ll be able to make greater money from these. You can also control how you promote and market the product.


Find the actual contents in product critiques, e.g. the things people don’t like or find appealing about it, so you can create the product in a way that can appeal to customers more.

Additionally, study the top vendors on various marketplaces to get more information and to find products that aren’t sold. For instance, look up the top-selling products on Amazon.

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