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In 2022, there will be six digital marketing trends to implement.

The digital ecosystem is continually changing and expanding, particularly since the pandemic began in 2019. Consumers receive a bombardment of sales methods as soon as they wake up. This implies that in order to keep up and be successful, firms and marketing professionals must stay aware of changes. Marketing is shifting away from sales, static approaches and toward engaging experiences that benefit customers.

Top Six Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

As the year draws to a close, here are our top six digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022 and incorporate into your organisation.

1. Customer Experiences that are Immersive

In 2022, consumers will no longer care why your product or service is superior to that of your competitors. The days of just listing features and advantages to persuade clients that they “need” your product are long gone. Customers are smarter and they have ample options at their fingertips. It means they are gradually embracing this new digital world. 


This implies that firms have to work harder to get people’s attention and convert them. It’s no longer enough to perform an excellent job with SEO. After driving visitors to the website, offering engaging, immersive, and amusing user experiences is essential. It helps to build brand loyalty and trust over time. In the next year, the winners and losers will be determined by delving deeper into who your consumer is. Besides that, they will be utilising narrative to enable them to see themselves using your product or service. 


Multi-format content will continue to be an effective way to boost engagement. Businesses should consider if an interactive graphic or a brief video would be more engaging when producing online material. Entertaining, short-form videos are fast becoming one of the most efficient methods to communicate with clients. It’s because of the surge in popularity of video content through TikTok, Instagram reels, and Youtube. Using a range of content formats can help you to improve your company’s user experience for ensuring more people understand and increase the shareability of your material. 


We could go on and on about customer experience for pages and pages. But there’s one more point we’d want to make. And it’s getting increasingly simpler to communicate directly with your consumers. Thanks to social media for making it possible. So, why not inquire as to what they desire? Inquire about their preferred types of content and if your website may benefit from any improvements. This has gotten a lot simpler with Instagram polls than with the tedious questionnaires of the past! Besides that, you become capable of improving an overall customer satisfaction level with your brand and company. 

2. Data collection that is open and transparent

As our internet use has progressed, so have our privacy worries. Third-party data, sometimes known as cookies, emerged as a useful tool for marketers and companies to track their consumers’ online activity across several sites and utilise that information to develop targeted adverts for future customers. Customers are becoming more sceptical about who has access to their data and how they utilise it as our digital world begins to resemble our actual environment. As a result, privacy and data collecting issues have intensified.

Both Google and Apple introduced updates to their operating systems earlier this year in order to better safeguard customers’ privacy and data. Google is phasing out the usage of cookies in Chrome by 2023, and Apple’s iOS 14.5 requires users to opt-in to have their data collected and shared by applications, rather than allowing it to happen automatically. They’ve made it very tough for app developers to get around this, indicating how large internet corporations are increasingly concerned about data openness.

While these changes are beneficial to consumers, marketers and advertising are concerned. This will result in significant changes in how marketers and companies reach out to prospective clients online. To prepare for these developments, businesses will need to rethink their techniques and become wiser and more creative in how they design their next online strategies.

Companies may use this restriction on third-party data to engage in a more open and honest discussion with their consumers. More trustworthy connections between firms and their consumers will be built by asking for permission to monitor and keep data, being upfront about which data is being gathered, and enabling users to opt-in or out of particular data gathering.

3. Use of Influencers

While many people sneer at what these (mainly) young ladies do for a living, we should all be paying them more attention as their success and effectiveness in sales and marketing skyrockets.

Businesses are increasingly leveraging the services of these influencers to spruik goods and services to their captivated fans, thanks to the ongoing expansion of applications like Instagram and TikTok. They’re grabbing attention with fun DIY films and visually stunning photographs, all while selling or promoting a product.

The problem is that influencers aren’t always celebs.

Nano or micro-influencers (followers of 1000-100,000) may be a useful tool for many small enterprises. These influencers are often well-known in their unique area, and their success is largely due to their tight relationship with their followers. They build a close-knit community of people with similar interests built on trust by maintaining high levels of involvement with followers via comments, direct messaging, “ask me anything” tales, and real-life material that celebrities avoid.

As we enter the new year, more companies should consider how influencer marketing might benefit them. It’s a product that will not only increase in popularity but will also become more reasonable and accessible to all companies with lesser followings, resulting in a larger return on investment. Consider how using your own brand to market your company might eliminate the need for external influencers while also allowing you to collaborate with others.

4. Content Segmentation

Personalized content reigns supreme in 2022, as we’ve previously said. Consumers are no longer just interested in general information. In the shortest period of time, they want to know precisely how your product connects to them and how it solves their unique issue.

This is when material that has been separated comes in handy.

Businesses may empower consumers to self-identify and pick the most relevant material for them by segregating content on their websites. A florist’s website, for example, could contain menus for retail or wholesale clients, as well as for special occasions like weddings and funerals. Not only can the client get the information they need quickly and simply, but by enabling them to self-identify as to where they belong, they will be able to connect to the product or service more readily.

This implies that not only are your consumers immediately more connected, but you can also tailor information to the correct audience and communicate just the most relevant information to save time and effort for your customers. If they can’t locate what they’re looking for, they’ll go on to your competition practically immediately.

This also applies to marketing communications sent directly to customers, such as emails and newsletters.

In the case of our florist, users may be able to opt-out of marketing materials relating to potentially sensitive days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. By doing so, the company demonstrates empathy and understanding, as well as a higher level of trust with their consumer.

Throughout 2022, segmented content will become more vital as impatient consumers hunt for information that is most relevant to them and seek personalised online experiences. There is also a significant advantage in terms of the SEO effect of this segmented material since Google favours content that is customised to certain audiences.

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5. Customer Retention & Relationships

In order to maximise client lifetime value, businesses will strive to improve customer retention in the next year as part of their emphasis on user experience (LTV). In the long term, keeping loyal clients is significantly more valuable and stable for companies than attracting new ones, and user experiences will reflect this.

Being a part of anything is an important component of being human.

Customers who appreciate a product or service and get excellent customer service are more likely to tell their friends and family about it and remain loyal to the business. Customers will continue to feel like they’re a part of the brand’s ‘family’ if you reward them with membership programmes that provide clear, significant advantages.

This is linked to the development of empathy and trust.

How frequently do you notice “just for new customers” on promotional materials, leaving you feeling resentful as an existing customer? This gives the impression of being disposable, and it doesn’t build sentiments of belonging or community. You could get a few new clients, but the ones you currently have aren’t going to remain around.

Creating a feeling of the community via social media groups and online interaction is an effective strategy. And the reason is the increased LTV and retained client connections. Through these free groups, your company may provide unique discounts or early access to deals, providing value to your consumers.

6. Optimisation of Conversion Rates

Finally, we get to conversion rate optimization, which is arguably the most significant trend of all (CRO). SEO, social media, and personalised content are worth working for a well-optimized website. Conversions have a direct impact on your bottom line. Thus, you should use data analysis to figure out how to improve your CRO.

One of the most effective strategies to determine how to enhance your CRO is to do A/B testing. The control is ‘A,’ which is your current homepage or purchase page. The ‘B’ page will be almost similar to the ‘A’ page. However, the fonts, colours, calls to action, and background pictures will be different. We do it to observe how they affect your CRO. A new look at your website design and the professional web developer may be all that is required. The purpose is to make the most significant adjustments.

You’re giving your company the greatest shot at success in an increasingly crowded online market. And how? By conducting this test and utilising actual data to verify your website’s CRO.

Are You Prepared for the Year 2022?

The digital marketing environment is a constantly changing beast that may be difficult to stay up with. Remember to be fluid and adaptable when you plan your marketing objectives and initiatives for 2022. The digital marketing landscape may (and often does!) shift quickly. You can take advantage of impending digital marketing trends by leveraging proven data-driven analytics to increase conversions, brand loyalty, visibility, and customer retention.

Final words

We have our finger on the pulse of the digital marketing agency at Mighty Warners, and we can help you and your company stay up with the times. We can assist with website optimization and SEO, one-on-one coaching, social media marketing, and professional web creation. Watch as your company grows in our expert hands! For additional marketing advice, contact us immediately or subscribe to our newsletter.

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