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Safety And Life Extending Tips For Air Conditioners

We know that the climate is changing too fast, that means we need to be worried about our machines. The cooling machines get disturb more in the hot weather. That’s why we need to take special care of our cooling machines. Normally good machines are quite expensive, that is why no one can replace them again and again.

But the ground reality is that we need to care for the machines for the safety from weather as well. It has been observed that in the season especially in the hot season AC gets faults at a high rate. The reason behind it is that they also need care from the sun and many other things. As they need a proper atmosphere as well for the perfect working.

The way of usage for the machines matters a lot, as this is the basic thing for every machine. If you keep it, it will give you outstanding results in the long run. Otherwise, you have to compromise and face many issues.

The difference of the care and its usage plays a very important role. This also affects the life of the machines as well. So, here are some safeties and the life extending tips for the machine special for AC.

1. First do select the good and trustable quality before buying AC

Never compromise on the buying quality, as you can’t test and trail on a daily basis. Buy a good product at once, it will give you the best result, further also support you in best performance as well. Bad quality products will not give you results and keep you engaged in different problems.

2. Use perfect packed or sealed room with very less air flow

Don’t need to use the open type rooms, as this is not good for the air conditioners. So, always use the sealed rooms for the better outcome of cooling. Don’t compromise on the high air flow room, as this is the best thing for the long-term performance of the machines.

3. Never accept low and bad quality internal and external wire

The machine working is also based on the wiring as well. The internal and the external wires matter a lot, so must select the good quality wire. Otherwise, you have to face burning and voltage issues in the machine running. That both issues are dangerous for the air conditioners circuit and compressors.

4. Don’t compromise on holes must pack all

The rooms’ holes are the bad things for the air conditioning and best cooling. The holes mean passing of air in the room, that means disturbance in the cooling. That’s why you must pack the holes as this is not the best way for the air conditioning.

5. Do focus on the AC fins

The Ac fins are the most important thing as this allows air flow in and out. Don’t compromise on the bad fins or low-quality fins air conditioners. The fins are the main thing for the good cooling and the coil safety as well.

6. Keep an eye on the filters condition for smooth working

Must check your filters mostly after a week, as this is the need of your cooling machine. The heavy dust and the dirt can choke your machine in the cooling process. On the other side it rusted the coil with the regular moisture as well.

7. Inner fins are too sensitive don’t use any chemical on it

The use of the different kind of the chemical on the inner coil fins for the cleaning is the wrong step. As the chemical creates impact on the coil material and causes heavy leakage. Furthermore, it creates rust and the other losing of the coil as well. So, it is better to avoid this shortcut and call a technician to clean it with water.

8. Outer cleaning is essential as its working impact on cooling

The outer care most of the people do ignore. As they only concern themselves with the inner look and its cooling fan. This is the wrong mindset because inner and outer makes the complete cooling machine. That means outer cleaning and care are also equally essential for long-term working.

9. Don’t put your outer in open sun light

The direct sun on the outer reduces its performance and efficiency. Most of the AC users are not aware of this, as this direct heat beam affects it badly on it. For the proper cooling you must cover it, otherwise in a few days it can do low cooling.

10. Use shaded areas and cool places for the outer

Must need to use different kinds of shaded areas for the placement of the outer. The more open and shaded places are the best places for the outer and its performance. Don’t put in the shaded the packed place as well, as it through heated air outside.

11. Dust on the outer and the inner means get ready for loss

The none caring of the outer and the inner means heavy dust on them. As these machines directly work into the open air which has a high amount of the dust. That’s why none cares about the inner and outer from the dust pushing you towards the huge loss.

12. Must clean all the plants with in outer range

Cut the maximum plants from the outer air through range, as this is essential for the heat reduction. The outer needs proper air flow from both directions. That’s why any other thing or the plants blocking it can cause its burning.

13. Don’t clean with water in open power

Many people don’t care when they clean the AC. They begin cleaning with the water without disconnection of power. The end result of this push towards the short circuit and the device failure.

14. Immediate call technicians for maintenance as feel low cooling issue

Many of the users of air conditioners are laziness and they do not call air conditioner technicians at the right time. As they think most of the problems are not a big issue. But they do not realize that even small problems can hurt machines. Like low AC pressure repair essential as this can burn the compressor and the capacitors as well due to load.


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