What is the Role of HVAC Air Filters in the Duct System?

The air filter in the HVAC duct system is used to keep dust and debris away from the inside of the duct system. The role of an HVAC air filters in a duct system is to protect the system from dust and debris. It does not allow the collecting of dust inside the duct. If dust is submerged and air filters clogged, it will restrict airflow through the system. Another role of HVAC air filters in the duct system is to remove the impurities such as bacteria and dust from the air that is flowing all around your home. It can also improve air quality and protect the HVAC system from damage. 

If filters are not available in your system, moisture will accumulate in your AC unit. It can lead to the accumulation of condensation on Freon tubing. Then, it collects condensation throughout your system and provides air to your homes that are full of dust and harmful for people. Maintenance and cleaning of filters are very easy. Because they are easily removable, you can easily do it in your homes without the help of any technician. 

Different kinds of air filters:

It can be available in different shapes and materials. It can also be available in additional capabilities and prices. Other types of filters are:

1: Flat-panel:

Typically, it is the most affordable type of filter. The most common type of fiber used in it is fiberglass that can be stretched over a framework. Such a filter is disposable and is very easy to install. But, it is not so good in quality and allows many dust particles to go through from it. For cleaning the HVAC system, the best option is HVAC cleaning Cumming

2: Pleated:

Another type of filter is disposable pleated filters. It contains dense plastic or cotton fibers screens to remove dust particles from the air. In addition to that, it has more surface area for the filtration so that the filter can catch more debris and provide clean air all around the house. Its price is a little bit higher than a flat panel. If ducts are filled with dust, then to remove dust particles from them, you have to make contact with the air duct sanitizing Cumming

3: Electrostatic:

Some electrostatic filters are also available to trap more particles such as smoke and pollen within their screens. It can be available in two forms, either in a panel or Pleated. It is washable and disposable. 

4: Washable:

Washable filters are also available in two forms. It can be available in panel or Pleated forms. It was hosed up with the help of water and vacuumed to remove all buildup particles. This type of filter is more eco-friendly than all other types of filters. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have electrostatic filters, then with time, it will lose its electrostatic charge. Due to that filter loses its ability to capture small dust particles from the air.

How can we choose the best air filter for home?

When you buy a filter for your HVAC system, the main thing is a higher CADR rating. The same thing is also applicable to MERV ratings used to reduce dust particles from the air and end up allergies from your home. 

Problems caused by dirty filters:

The filter present in your system is used to keep it clean from dust and debris. If you do not clean filters, air will clog in your ducts, restricting airflow through the system. After that, some of the common problems are caused, and these problems are:

1: Fan motor:

In the system, a fan motor is used to turn blades and push air from your home. So, when the dust is clogged in the design, the fan motor has to do hard work to remove air from the house. Due to hard work, strain occurs on the engine, which may lead to breaking down. 

2: Reduce comfort:

When air is clogged, it means that air is not properly flowing in your home. Also, air circulating all around you is less air-conditioned and can cause discomfort. For better performance, there is a need for sanitation of ducts and can be done with the help of air duct sanitizing Cumming. 

3: Energy bills:

When the motor has to work hard to circulate air, it will use more energy. Then, if you notice any sudden rise in your energy co bills, it can be due to a filter. So, to reduce your energy bills, there is a need for repair, so you have to contact HVAC cleaning Cumming. 

Benefits of regularly changing your filters:

If you are changing your filter regularly, then there are some benefits which are as follows:

1: Extended system lifespan:

When your filters are clean and properly maintained, the system’s lifespan is extended automatically. So, for the proper working of the system, you have to make an appropriate schedule for their maintenance and cleaning. 

2: Fewer repairs:

When dust is clogged in your filters, it can cause overheating, restrict air flow, and dirty the entire HVAC system. So, there is a need for more repairs. If you want to make your system essential, you have to clean it. When the design is clean, there is a need for less repair.

3: Better indoor air quality:

In America, most people spend 90% of their time in their homes, so there is a need for better air quality. For that purpose, regular replacement of the filter is necessary, and annual maintenance of your HVAC is required. For maintenance of HVAC, the best is HVAC cleaning. Because, in addition to care and cleaning your system, they can also tell you about your air cleaners, air purifiers, duct cleaning, air filtration, and other indoor services. 

4: More energy savings:

When ducts are not cleaned properly, they use more energy to provide air in your homes. According to the U.S department, when your filters are clean, you can be able to save 5-15% on your energy bill. 

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