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Amazon’s Sales Growth Strategies: Proven Methods

There are two e-commerce platforms: Amazon and the rest. Amazon is the online retail giant that controls a large portion of the market. It has become an entire ecosystem.

A retail ecosystem that is distinct from other platforms and their best practices.

Amazon allows buyers to find exactly what they need quickly and easily without having to leave the familiar environment that they know. 

In this closed retail environment, there is so much competition for their attention that prices can be incredibly competitive.

This means that sellers will need to be able to use Amazon-specific tactics if they wish to succeed.

1. Differentiate your products from competitors

You don’t have to choose better or different products from the same category. 

This tip assumes that your products are high quality and can be compared to those of your competition. 

Optics is what we are referring to here. It’s the perception that you create about your product’s ability and superiority over other products.

You can refer SellerApp’s top-selling products on amazon guide for finding the most sold products.

2. Use keywords intelligently

Selling on Amazon is not easy. Most Amazon sellers are aware that a high ranking is difficult to achieve and depends on many factors.

Sales velocity and sales history are obviously taken into consideration, along with some less obvious factors like price and seller’s name.

Keywords are undoubtedly one of the most important variables Amazon’s SEO algorithm (referred to as A9) considers when ranking search results.

This is the search term that the shopper has entered and how prominent they appear on your product listing page.

3. Use the Product’s Search Terms Field

You can also enter keywords into the product backend in a text field called search terms.

Amazon makes it easy to collect more information about your product in this field. It also allows you to create a format that reflects how potential customers might search for it.

This information is not visible to anyone who visits your product listing page. It’s only there to make it easier for Amazon search engines to find you more easily.

You can use only 249 characters to enter search terms that are relevant to your product. This is where it pays to be open-minded. 

Try to imagine yourself as a customer from many different backgrounds.

Do not assume that every buyer will search for the exact same terms. Do keyword research on your listing page to discover what Amazon shoppers are searching for.

4. Conduct extensive keyword research

The key to applying these two tips successfully is understanding the search terms that shoppers use to find similar products.

Although you may believe that your industry knowledge is sufficient, we guarantee that the internet will continue to surprise you.

It also affects the language they use online. This affects their priorities. These are always changing, so keyword research doesn’t just have to be done once.

There are many proven ways to do it. Let’s look at three of these most efficient methods.

5. Read More

It is well-documented that shoppers place weight on the opinions of customers. This should be something that all e-commerce professionals should be aware of.

Amazon makes it easy for customers to find similar products, so the social proof is very important.

Potential customers can see a list of competitors in one click to check their credibility.

6. Get the Buy Box

Amazon’s Buy Box is a UI element placed on product listing pages. It is basically a call-to-action that includes a button labeled, “Buy Now”.

A product listing page without the buy box may not have the product the shopper is looking for. This is only 20% of Amazon’s sales.

7. Use Amazon’s Advertising Solutions

If you are looking to increase your sales, Amazon advertising is essential. This is especially true for new sellers who have not optimized their pages for organic visibility.

Amazon advertising works in a similar way to a typical Pay Per Click (PPC), advertising campaign. If you want to increase sales momentum, it is important to master this technique.

Amazon will pay a fee for each click on any of these results. There are three options when it comes to running an Amazon advertising campaign. You can:

  • manage your advertising campaigns yourself
  • To automate the majority of your processes, you can use Amazon PPC software
  • A PPC specialist agency should be able to assist you with the complicated and often changing requirements of Amazon’s advertising solutions.

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