How To Turn Your Business In To An Automated Processing Script With Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone is here to make your life simpler and hassle-free. Gone are the days when naïve Entrepreneurs had to tediously and mind-numbingly manually enter the details of a transaction to maintain a clean and transparent record. It is not just the entry of the type of service rendered and to whom, it also included physical hand-operated calculations of the Service Costs, Promo Code Deductions, Tax levied on the Total Fare, Tips and even incorporates into the billing the Commission that the Service Provider is obligated to pay the App Owner.

Indulge into the aroma of soothing Gojek Clone’ Auto-Billing Feature

Dylan Carter of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania opens his All in One Services App and books Subaru Impreza to visit Schenley Swimming Pool to finalize on which pool to practice in for upcoming State Championships. He has already been to Highland Park Swimming Pool of 151 Lake Dr and Green Tree Swimming Pool of 825 Poplar Street.

And he decides to pay using his Amex Card! And uses a Promo code “AMEXPITT5” to get flat US $5 off on his Total Bill.

The Total Bill comes out to be US $ 46.4! And this phenomenal App calculated it on its own based on the algorithms encrypted into the App!

Now how did we reach here! Let’s manually calculate it like medieval times!

-Total Miles Driven: 5 Miles

-Total Time Taken: 12 Minutes

The App Owner has fixed certain parameters:

  • Distance Fare: US $2/ Mile
  • Time Fare       : US $2/Minute


Total Distance Fare = US $2 x 5 Miles = US $10

Total Time Fare        = US $2 x 12 Minutes = US $24

Base Fare                 = US $10

Total Fare = Base Fare + Total Time Fare + Total Distance Fare

                 = $10 + $24 + $10 = US $44

10 % Tax levied on the Total Fare = 10% of US $44 = US $4.4


Total Fare including Tax = US $48.4, the Taxi Driver owes 12% of this to the App Owner.

But Dylan had used a Promo Code, that should give him $5 off of the Bill.

Total Fare including Tax – Promo Code = $48.4 – $5 = US $43.4

There’s more, Dylan has tipped $3 to the Taxi Driver.

So, the total bill amount with all the deductions and additions = US $46.4

Because Dylan made the payment online using his Amex Card, US $ 46.4 directly went to the Administrator’s Account, or the App Owner’s official account and not to the Taxi Driver’s account.

Admin has to now give the hard-earned money of Taxi Driver back after deducting only the Commission Amount. The Admin has to also return the Tip amount of US $3.

The Admin calculates 12% of US $48.4 ( Total Fare with Tax – Promo Code – Tip)

= US $ 5.808

The App Owner subtracts US $5.808 from US $48.4 and pays the Taxi Driver US $42.592 through Bank Transfer. And then marks the entry “Settled” in the Admin Panel.

This is how The Administrator manages payment online by logging into the Admin Panel by punching in valid credentials. The App Owner has to first the visit the Administrator Panel and then Choose Menu from the drop-down list. Choose Reports afterwards and finally click on Payment Report.

From here, sharp-witted Entrepreneurs like you can check all the details of the Trips which are either “Settled” or “Unsettled”.

The Admin has to bear the cost of Promo Code. Hence, the App Owner has to give Promo Code amount back to the Taxi Driver that was originally deducted from the Total Fare.

In the Detailed Report that has all the details about the Taxi Drivers and how many rides they each offered, Positive Amount is shown in the report if the App Owner has to return the money otherwise it’ll show a Negative amount in the case wherein the App Owner has to take money from the Taxi Drivers.

Gojek Clone App’s Admin Panel’ Dashboard is very dynamic in nature and user-friendly. In one simple glance, the Administrator can check weekly, monthly payments and even transfer of money to Taxi Drivers.

It is one elaborate list that will show how many Cash Rides and how many Card Rides were undertaken by one single Taxi Driver.

The App Owner can also design Public and Private Promo Codes with Ease using this Powerful Gojek like App.

But nothing matches the suave of Dispatcher Panels!

Your User can directly call the Admin and manually book the ride for the individual. It is a revolutionary new feature that enables even those to book rides who have no access to either smart-phones or Internet. You can even order in your favourite Chicken and Waffles by calling the Admin directly.

The Admin Panel is stacked with mind-boggling features!

This On-Demand Multi-Service App will offer such an attractive Dashboard with Graphical Statistics of Reports, help you manage and view Service Providers. 


Gojek Clone App is miraculous software and is a literal personification of Quality, Transparency, and Authenticity. And Cubejek Technolabs swears by all of these qualities and one more, Quick Delivery. Cubejek Technolabs has launched 1200+ Apps in last couple of years itself and had designed Gojek Clone App for launch in record four days! Are you a smart entrepreneur who wants to make easy and quick money, then get in touch with Cubejek Technolabs right away. 

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