Gojek Clone App has earned the reputation of being a rock-solid app that has stood the test of time when hit on the face with the Pandemic-induced lockdown. Despite the global outcry and misery, this all-in-one services app had not only managed to keep its Service Providers financially afloat and steady but also nurtured them to blossom like a lotus in the murkiest of the muck. This stellar accomplishment to reel in profits in the backdrop of sinking world economy inspired millions of young entrepreneurs to imitate this app’s business model.


This CubeJekX 2021 app is extremely intuitive and keeps re-inventing itself to bring in new features to stay relevant. And this is why Gojek Clone app has now incorporated all the World Health Organizations’ safety guidelines. . 

This app has launched 10 new corona-safety features to help revive the on-demand service industry.

  • Face mask selfie verification for Taxi Drivers

Taxi Drivers nowadays upload selfies with their face-mask on. It is mandatory for Taxi Drivers to wear masks at all times to avoid further spread of the Covid-19.

  • Covid-19 specific Ride-Cancellation Policy

No penalty charges will be levied on ride cancellations if the reason violates the standard WHO corona-safety guidelines. Both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers can cancel the ride without incurring any penalty charges for the same if the other person is not wearing a mask.

  • Limit the number of passengers per ride

This is to ensure social distancing! It is an important feature that allows the App Owner to restrict the number of passengers per ride for a particular type of Taxi Cab. If the Gojek Clone App Owner decides that not more than two passengers can travel in a sedan then the Taxi Driver can cancel the ride from his end if the Rider requests on bringing in the third passenger.

  • It is mandatory for the Rider to accept the Safety Checklist before sending a request for a Taxi

Safety Checklist has been curated by adhering to the WHO’ Covid-19 safety guidelines. This list clearly instructs the Rider to wear masks at all times, to sanitize hands regularly, to handle luggage on their own and pay using the in-app wallet. It is only when the Rider accepts to all of these terms that the Rider can now send a request for a Taxi ride.

  • Rider gives detailed feedback about the trip

Rider gives Safety Ratings to assess overall hygiene-standards of the trip. The App Owner is keen onto seeing how well Drivers are doing in these Ratings.

  • Restaurants will click pictures of their kitchen and upload it

Restaurant Owners click pictures of their kitchen and upload it on their app for customers to see. These pictures are a token of proof that the Restaurant is cooking food in highly-hygienic conditions. These pictures also include regular temperature check of all the employees of the Restaurant.

  • Truly a contactless experience in Restaurants – Food Kiosk

Self-ordering through the Food Kiosk is the new norm of the town. The Chef automatically gets the order once it has been placed through the Kiosk. When the customer orders Fiery Chicken Burger with Extra cheese, he gets a token number. This feature has eliminated the human-induced communication-error while taking manually taking orders.

  •  Customers are given the choice to Pick-Up their order by themselves

The customers are now given the option of self pick-up. They themselves can go to the Restaurant to pick up the order. They do so because they are not able to trust the hygiene standards of the Delivery Executive.

  • Online prepaid payments is fighting the Covid-19 war

Currency notes are common carriers of the novel-coronavirus and this is why they are advised not to pay in cash. Through online prepaid methods, one can feel the perks of contactless deliveries. Delivery Driver leaves the food parcel at the customers’ doorstep and clicks a photo for proof. 

  • Rate your Delivery Driver on how closely he followed Covid-19 guidelines

The customer answers two questions about the hygiene standards of the Delivery Executive in Yes/No format. The two questions are – was the delivery contactless and if the Delivery Executive was wearing a mask. These inputs form a valuable feedback base for the App Owner to act accordingly.


These features have made Apps like Gojek a mega success! These apps have earned the reputation of being reliable and durable in the long run and that’s exactly why so many young entrepreneurs are desperate to get their hands on the Gojek Clone Script.

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