VNO License and Its misconceptions that you need to keep in mind

A VNO License is a DOT-issued registration to start a VNO ISP – an Internet Service Provider on a budget – in India. Because of its accessible nature, coupled with the fact that it’s marketed as an inexpensive way to provide internet services, people have several misconceptions around it.

This blog unveils all those misconceptions to present you a clearer picture of what is a VNO license in India.

What is VNO License in India?

Let’s clear some of the basic facts about VNO License in India:

  1. A VNO license is issued by the Department of Telecommunication
  2. A license holders is an ISP that buys the bandwidth from a TSP and then sells it to the subscribers.
  3. The license is valid for a span of 10 years.
  4. After every 4 years, the Department of Telecommunication reviews the terms of the license.
  5. You need to incorporate a company before starting a VNO in India.

What VNO License is NOT in India?

Let’s not get clear on the things that a license is not:

  1. It’s not a special license that allows you to access special provisions from the government.
  2. It is also not a business authorization with unlimited validity. You need to renew it after 10 years.
  3. You cannot franchisee your VNO services to other VNOs.
  4. The Department of Telecommunication doesn’t allow you to hide the traffic sources along your connectivity lines.

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Now that you’re clear on the basic misconceptions about VNO license India, let’s discuss some advanced misconceptions that people have about this certification.

A VNO license also requires performance bank guarantee

The procedure to obtain the license consists of a particular step where you need to submit bank guarantees to obtain the VNO license agreement. People think that like the ISP license, here too they need to deposit a performance bank guarantee. But, it’s not the case.

One of the factors that make become a Virtual Network Operator accessible is the absence of bank guarantee requirements.  So no, you don’t need to submit the performance bank guarantee after you obtain the Letter of Intent.

It only takes 15 days to obtain the VNO License

Time is the biggest marketing point that make VNO consultants exploit. Promising to aid you obtain license within two weeks, they charge your enormous amount of money. In the end, all your application yields is get a rejection notification that takes the process even longer.

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The truth is, obtaining VNO license in India is not a short time endeavour. There are layers within ever single process that you can’t see. Complications can happen even if you stop caring for the smallest details and the DOT takes time when issuing the Letter of intent. It has taken people months to obtain VNO license that includes even India’s biggest VNO Operators

Therefore, you need to set realistic expectations when applying for the license. It’s  license that takes a long time to procure, but the revenue you generate in the end makes it worth it.

You can use your own network in a VNO

A Virtual Network Operator is an entity that uses a software-based network to redirect the bandwidth it has received from the telecom service provider to the internet subscribers. Thus, it doesn’t need to own the physical network to provide the internet services, that’s the job of its bandwidth seller.

To get the gist, if you’re running a VNO ISP, you don’t need to put money in infrastructure to provide to provide a physical network to your subscribers. Your bandwidth seller is going to take care of it.


To recap, a VNO is a Virtual Network Operator who obtains VNO License from DOT. The procedure of getting the license takes time. When you obtain the license, you’re under no obligation to provide your own network, it’s the responsibility of the TSP that sold you the internet bandwidth.

All those facts make license more attractive, don’t they? Start the process to start your VNO today. Contact our consultants. Media Gateway Approval

This blog highlights the misconception about VNO License that you need to keep in mind. For more details about VNO license and registration, contact Registrationwala.

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