Everything You Need to Know About Custom Apparels

Just like one size doesn’t fit us all, there is no one particular color, a single pattern, or a superhero cherished by us all. Often, when we go shopping or browse through an array of products online, we wonder things like- only if this skirt was available in a shade of green, if only my lesser-popular but dearly loved TV character T-shirt edition was also available, and so on custom long sleeve

Our clothes aren’t just the fabrics we like or the designs we approve of, but a representation of our identity and preferences. Our clothes have voices  They speak who we are and what we stand for! The clothes we wear make a statement. We have been so accustomed to picking from what’s available that we have turned deaf to these voices. But we no longer have to!

Enter custom-made garments. Customization of apparel has allowed us to be more specific in their selection, and more involved in the shopping experience. Customizations allow us to-

  • Sharpen our style statement
  • Make our voices bolder
  • Associate more closely with characters, icons, imageries we believe in
  • Maximize maneuverability and comfort
  • Create a personalized gift for our loved ones

The Rising Demand for Custom-Made Garments

The last bullet in the above list is probably what’s fueling this niche segment of custom-made clothing so popular! It is becoming one of the most sought-after gift ideas and is easy, fast, and convenient. From the image of your beloved and you to the favorite quotes of your friend, custom apparels convert clothes into a memento of a shared moment, a beautiful memory, or a crazy adventure.  

Also, with fast fashion on the rise, shorter inventory cycles of companies, and innovation in logistics, custom-made garments are a viable reality, with efficient accessibility and without being too costly. 

The Glorious Future

The demand for customized clothing is growing, and it is only going to grow at a faster pace. Designers are increasingly fusing high-end, premium craftsmanship details with revolutionary, ever-updating high-tech tools to give that personalized touch to the customers.

From here on, the custom details will only get finer, fittings only more accurate and comfortable, experience only more interactive. 

Also, with fashion sustainability taking coming into greater focus, custom-made garments would likely be the champions of the concept, eliminating inventory losses while ensuring better comfort and higher customer satisfaction.

Buying journey of custom-made apparel

The digital shopping experience, simplistic graphical tools, and advanced apparel technology have opened doors to custom long sleeve, self-designed bottoms, and whatnot! With a few clicks, you get to design whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want! 

  • You pick an elemental piece of clothing, say a T-shirt, in your digital design studio 
  •  Add layers of your choices. From selecting fabrics to color shade to choosing patterns, and/or images that could and be placed at the command of your finger- on chest, custom long sleeve, your back or shoulder. Basically, anywhere!
  • Submit your design 
  • The product is shipped at your doorsteps in a hassle-free process. 

The changes one makes to the products are reflected in images in real-time, which gives the user the freedom to play with the options, and select what suits their preference more.

Try now!

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