How Reflection Helps School Discipline in 2021

School discipline is a serious issue, and the problem is only getting worse. Every year in America, more than 2 million students are suspended or expelled from school. This isn’t just a statistic — it’s an epidemic that’s impacting our children and affecting their futures. The current state of affairs doesn’t have to be this way. Technology like school management system can help us solve this problem. We’re never going to completely stop kids from misbehaving at school, but we can reduce instances of negative behavior with better discipline. In 2021, schools have a new effective weapon against student misbehavior: reflection. In this article, I will explain how the simple act of students reflecting on their actions can help improve school discipline and how it can be used as a therapeutic tool.

My first job as an educator was as a monitor of in-school suspension. The in-school suspension was used to discipline students who misbehaved, and the majority of them were assigned there. On my first day, the vice principal explained that I should walk around the room without smiling or being cordial with students. In the past, schools had a policy of harsh discipline for students. They punished students by making them stay after school, write lines, and/or go to detention. But I think that kind of punishment is ineffective because it does not solve the problem at hand. I agree with alternative methods, such as allowing students to reflect on their behavior—a very effective practice. 

I was the suspension monitor for one year, and I often interacted with students. Furthermore, I focused on identifying the root cause of their issues so that I could help them improve in other areas. Students who visited the suspension room less frequently, but were improving in both academic performance and behavior.

Reflection Is The Key To Helping Your Students Change Their Behavior

Perhaps connecting with students and talking with them about their actions was helping them change course in a way that coming down on them had not. And this made sense to me because as I’ve been teaching for over 10 years, I have seen how two middle school teachers changed my path by taking the time to talk with me. Students need time to think about their actions, and isolation during detention or suspension does not allow them to reflect on what they have done wrong. 

While we may teach children to be kind, respectful, and responsible in school, home life can provide an entirely different set of circumstances. We may at times see the same child who is well-behaved in school engage in negative behaviors at home. The behavior could include hitting, screaming, or throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. But what if we gave students a chance to reflect on what led up to poor behavior and how they should handle themselves?

How To Teach Students To Reflect On Their Actions

Reflection is when students are taught how to reflect. It cannot be learned by simply telling students to do it. Punishing students for poor behavior does not help in making them reflect on past mistakes; in fact, the punishment will only make them fearful of doing that action again. Helping students reflect on past mistakes gives them an opportunity to change their ways and thoughts using the school management system. Reflection is a process that is intentionally developed and incorporated into day-to-day teaching practice.

Reflection sheets are stored in student files as reminders to students and parents. The steps they agreed upon prior to the reflection room session. The data can be breakdown by gender, grade level, and ethnicity using any technical tools. We review the data to ensure that school practices are equitable.

Final Words 

As we’ve discussed in this article, reflection is a simple but powerful way to improve student behavior and discipline. With reflection, students are able to recognize their mistakes and learn from them. In 2021, schools have a new effective weapon against student misbehavior: reflection. This simple activity can make a huge difference in the behavior of school children. It’s actually quite easy for parents to implement at home as well. If you want your child to learn self-discipline, try to use the school management system. This important skill will help schools discipline in 2021.f you would like to learn more about this topic, check out our website on the given subject.

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