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The People’s Republic of China in East Asia with the highest population in the world around 1.404 billion. It covers about 9,600,000 square kilometers and is one of the largest countries in the world by area. With about a quarter of the earth’s surface, China occupies a large share of East Asia and is almost as large as Europe. If we say you can still fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor in a place that provides quality education at an affordable price, we are not kidding. Yes, we are talking about study MBBS in China. And yes, we know you may have a lot of questions like is MBBS in China good or after MBBS in China? Hold your gears when we talk about all the things that will help you complete your dream of becoming a doctor.

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Before we jump into the article, let’s look at the country itself. As mentioned, China is a country in East Asia; it is one of 17 mega-diverse countries. The country is located between two of the largest biogeographical areas in the world, the Palearctic and the Indo Malayan. To one extent, China has more than 34687 animals and vascular plants, making it the third most diverse biodiversity country in the world. King Zheng of Qin announced himself the first king of the Qin dynasty. The period of warring states ended in 221 BC after Qin conquered the other six kingdoms, reunited China, and established the dominant autocratic order.

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The Chinese military has 2.3 million active soldiers; the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is the largest standing military force in the world, under the command of the Central Military Commission (CMC). For much of the dynasty period in the country, opportunities for social advancement can be provided by high performance in the prestigious imperial exams, which originated in the Han dynasty.

Admission Procedure

We at the RM Education Group understand the importance of education and career. After completing the 12th exam, we often find it difficult to choose the best career option. Sometimes orthodox thinking and mistaken guidance lead to the wrong career way. This is a very crucial moment to choose the right career after the 12th. And our student and expert advisors and admissions consultants are here to help you. We guarantee that every student will choose the right course and college for a pleasant and prosperous future. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and the time has come for you to create it by applying to our site and filling out the form.

Document Required

Formerly taking admission to a Chinese medical university like Xiamen University (XMU), so do not forget to carry all the related documents.

  1. The passport is valid for at least 18 months.
  2. 10th passing certificate or mark sheet.
  3. 12th passing certificate or mark sheet.
  4. The birth certificate of the students.
  5. 10 passport-sized photos.
  6. Official letter of invitation from a Chinese medical university like Xiamen University (XMU).
  7. Approval of all documents from the ministry of foreign affairs in New Delhi.
  8. For the legalization of all documents from the Chinese Embassy.
  9. Visa fee
  10. Bank receipt of tuition for the first year of the university is mandatory for some universities like Xiamen University (XMU).
  11. HIV testing documents.

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