What is a Managed Router Services and Benefits

What is a Managed Router Services

The managed router services allow your organization to outsource router management to a managed service provider. This vendor typically provides hardware support, configuration, change management, and monitoring. The managed router services will monitor, manage, and report on your networks. This is an effective way to improve broadband (WAN) performance and get the most out of the cloud, security, and mobility with a high-performance WAN.

Benefits of Managed Router Services

Reliable: High availability with the guaranteed service level and round-the-clock 24×7 network monitoring.

Dedicated Connections: You get special connections over a large fibre network.

Speed: Service offers high speed for downloading and uploading.

Managed Easily:  Eliminate the complexity of service management with preventive troubleshooting tools and a control panel that allow you to monitor.

Highly Scalable: With bandwidth options from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, we can meet your data needs today and tomorrow.

Seamless Integration: Are you thinking of managed WiFi or VoIP? Managed router services can be combined with other audio and data solutions.

Support: Quick response time

Managed Router Vs Unmanaged Router

In essence, the most important difference when comparing managed and unmanaged router options are who is responsible for the network infrastructure. When using a managed router services, you are passing all aspects of your network to an external service provider. They are responsible for obtaining and maintaining the hardware and software necessary to ensure a secure network connection and optimal network performance.

On the other hand, you have the necessary hardware to connect and operate the network when using an unmanaged router. Additionally, you or the internal IT team are responsible for configuring the software required for the connection.

Why Do You Need To Use A Managed Router?

When comparing managed and unmanaged router options, it is common to question the use of a managed router service instead of an unmanaged router. Operating router services should be considered because:

  • Equipment Management and Provisioning: Your service provider provides you with router and control installation, configuration, installation and maintenance.
  • A 24/7 support service that guarantees assistance at all times for monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Access your service provider network experts.
  • Extensive information and health information on the web thanks for accessing the web portal.
  • Take advantage of a wide variety of service packages tailored to a wide range of businesses.
  • Functional views.

What are the advantages of Managed Router Services

Better Route Security:

Malicious router programs are rare, but the business router is not completely intact. Cisco researchers warned in 2018 that hackers potentially operating in an advanced country have infected more than 500,000 small home and office routers worldwide with dangerous malware.

Ease the burden on IT staff

Its IT staff focuses on non-profit organizations when it comes to creating, managing and supervising their networks. As such, they may be committed to anticipating unusual activities and problem-solving networks, rather than developing innovative projects. However, managed router services ensure that the network hardware and software support process is handled by network specialists.

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Continuous assistance

 A managed router service provider can help your business throughout the network lifecycle, from deployment to upgrades. In addition, well -managed router service can give your business peace of mind by providing redundancy to protect against router failures.

Better Performance

 You can make your managed router provider accountable for your network performance. This ensures high performance at all times. Additionally, your ISP will update your router regularly to ensure your network performs better.

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