OST Recovery Tool for Recovering Corrupted OST Files

I’ve seen individuals struggle with OST file corruption scenarios throughout the years. Although Microsoft Outlook has effective solutions for dealing with corrupted PST files, people must rely on external services to deal with corrupted OST files. The OST Recovery Tool provide a competitive solution for the recovery of orphaned, corrupted, or damaged OST files, but does it actually work out that way? For the past few weeks, I’ve had my hands on one of its units, and here I submit my post, which clearly illustrates a collection of my observations obtained while testing it.

The OST Recovery Tool is a useful application that offers excellent performance and is created with cutting-edge technology. It works with Windows 8.1 and all previous versions of the operating system. The file is 16.2 MB in size and takes up to 20 MB on the hard drive. As a user, you may determine how efficient it is based on its specifications. The specifications listed above will definitely lead you to believe that the product is well worth a try.

Installation of OST Recovery Tool.

Moving on to the download and installation section, you may get the software from SysTools’ website. The most recent edition of the product is 4.3, and it clearly demonstrates the use of effective technology in order to achieve years of greatness.

During the installation process, the product did not present any complications. To be honest, it never even requested a reboot, which is something that most other software recommends after installation. Another outstanding feature that wowed me was that the program prompted me to make a fast desktop icon while I was installing it. This icon assists you in swiftly accessing the software when you have a pressing need to recover OST files.

Filtering Options that are Flexible

This is the feature that has wowed me the most. The software extends its scalability by providing distinct filtering choices to make the user’s duty more convenient.

Data can be Filtered Based on the Date Range

To filter out data selectively, simply choose the date range by entering characteristics such as “To Date” and “From Date.” This tool saves users time and effort.

Bulk Export of Recovered Files

Another option for exporting files is to move them while keeping the folder structure intact. To do so, simply go to the right top of the page and select the Export option. When you select this option, you will be able to export all of the folders contained in the OST file in bulk.

Do you Want to Test OST Recovery Tool?

If you’re serious about trying out the product, you may download a trial edition of the software to get a better idea of how it works. You can preview all of the items that are available in OST files with the trial version of the OST Recovery tool. However, each folder can only have 25 things exported.

Note: The demo version of the program does not allow users to export the body content and associated attachments of OST objects such as calendars, diaries, and other documents.

To sum it up…

As I try to condense a long story into a short one, the OST Recovery tool succeeds in meeting all of the needs of a basic user. It not only recovers corrupt OST files but also converts them to PST and other file types with ease. In terms of performance, I’m going to give it a 4/5. In this sector, not everyone can shine as brightly as the OST Recovery tool. It portrays a solid object that strikes a good mix between usefulness and performance. The list of features it symbolizes strongly suggests that as a user, you should try it out.

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