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How to get VNO License in India?

If you’re looking for a way to start an ISP without the need to invest too much in hardware infrastructure, VNO License has got you cover. Using Virtual Network Operator, a VNO ISP can provide the same high level of services as a traditional ISP, albeit with a limited scope.

What is VNO License?

VNO license or Unified License VNO is the authorization from the Department of Telecommunication given to those wishing to setup their Virtual Network Operating Centres. These centres use Virtual Network to provide internet connection to their subscribers. The cost of hardware infrastructure is low compared to a traditional ISP and the cost of the license is also low.

So, what is the process of obtaining a VNO license in India.

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Steps to obtain VNO License in India?

The steps to obtain license in India are same as the steps to get the ISP License. They are as follows:

Start your company: Your very first step is to register your business as a private limited company. Department of Telecommunication is interest in only providing the license to serious players and only a company fits their requirement.

Thus, to apply for the license, you don’t get to use your name, but that of your private limited company.

Scan the documents required: India has allowed the entrepreneurs to file the application via the Saral Sanchar portal. Thus, you’d need to scan the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • List of directors of the company
  • List of shareholders of the company
  • Description of the business.

Fill the online application form: Start filling the online application. When you’re entering your details, you’d notice that the points you have to provide are a little more complex than you’re use to.

Thus, we would advise you to get assistance from an expert when filing the application. Once you’re done, submit the application by paying the VNO license fee.

Obtain the letter of intent: Provided that the application you’ve filed is correct and the documents you have provided are precisely what DOT asked for, you will get a Letter of Intent.

This letter contains the entry fee and the financial bank guarantee you’re require to deposit within a fix deadline.

Obtain the license: Once you have paid the VNO license cost comprised of financial bank guarantee and entry fees (as per your VNO ISP category), you’ll get a signed UL License agreement.

Sign it, make it’s copy and send the copy to the Department of Telecommunication. That signed license agreement contains your VNO ISP registration number and is your License.


If you’re in the market of an ISP that doesn’t require a lot of initial capital, a VNO ISP is one for you. The process of obtaining the VNO License, while is similar to ISP registration, has several complex ups and downs.

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To handle those nuances and get the VNO license on time, you’d need the assistance of VNO consultants. Thankfully, Registrationwala is here to help you in this regard.  

How to get this License in India? The process of obtaining the license is quite similar to that of an ISP License, but there are certain differences as well. Read this blog to find out.

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