TEC Certification in India: All that you need to know about

Without TEC Certification, you might not be able to have that smart phone.

While we have really come ahead when it comes to manufacturing, we still rely on import to sate our need of new smart phones. Without TEC certification, such products cannot be imported to India.

 What is TEC Certification?

TEC or Telecommunication Engineering Centre issues certification to telecommunication products that are being imported in India. It has the responsibility of:

  • Setting regulatory standards for interface requirements, general requirements, and service requirements for telecommunication products and services
  • Evaluating the telecommunication products
  • Setting and enacting National Basic Plan
  • Helping the Department of Telecommunication deal with major technological issues
  • Testing and certifying telecom products.

After testing and certifying the telecom products, the importer to whom those products belong gets the TEC’s approval, commonly known as the TEC certificate.

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 Do all telecom products require TEC approval for import

The Telecom Engineering Centre oversees the import of specific telecom products that have the ability to:

  • Emit radio frequency, and
  • Impact the equipment or equipments connected to them (wirelessly or wired).

Thus, following are the examples of products that you can only import once you obtain TEC approval

  • Smart Phones
  • Cordless Phones
  • DSL Equipment
  • Smart Watches
  • Routers
  • Microwave-based communication decides
  • IoT Gateways

As for products that don’t require TEC certificate registration in India, they are:

  • Test Instruments: They come under the jurisdiction of another body
  • Amateur radios: No certification is required
  • Single modules: No certification is required for a single unit
  • Passive components: Non electrical components are exempted from certification requirements

What is the process of obtaining TEC approval

To obtain TEC registration certificate, you have to follow an approach that’s a combination of both online and offline steps.

The Online steps are as follows:

  • Go the TEC portal
  • Apply for registration as a new user
  • Upload the documents required. They are as follows:
    • Authorization letter from the original manufacturer of the product authorizing an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) to do all the necessary tasks concerned with the TEC application filing.
  • Obtain the user credentials
  • Login and change the username and password
  • Fill the application for TEC approval
  • Submit the TEC government fees to finalize the application filing

The offline proceedings of the application filing process involves the following steps:

  1. Prior to going to the TEC portal, get your telecom equipment test at an NABL accredit lab
  2. Once you’ve submitted the online application, take its printout, and attach the hard copies of the following documents to it:
    1. AIR authorizing Authorization letter
    2. Technical specification of the product
    3. Manufacturing license of the product
    4. Import Export Code

After the assessment of the application, and the product, you shall obtain the TEC certificate in India.

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TEC Certification allows you to import telecom equipments for trading purposes in India. This blog has explained the procedure that you need to go through to obtain it alongside giving you information about which products need the approval, and which don’t.

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