Connecting Europe to Turkey: ACGC’s Premier Air Freight Services

Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC) is setting a new standard in air freight services to Turkey. Leveraging their strategic location in Luxembourg, ACGC offers efficient, reliable, and environmentally conscious cargo solutions that cater to a variety of business needs.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is a crucial hub for international trade, bridging Europe and Asia. With its rapidly growing economy, the demand for fast and reliable air freight services is on the rise. ACGC is perfectly positioned to meet this demand, ensuring seamless transport of goods to and from Turkey.

Comprehensive Air Freight Solutions

1. Diverse Cargo Handling: ACGC specializes in transporting a wide range of goods, including:

  • Perishables: Fresh produce and pharmaceuticals that require temperature control.
  • High-Value Items: Electronics and luxury goods.
  • Industrial Equipment: Heavy machinery and parts.

2. Customized Solutions: Every shipment is unique. ACGC offers tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements, whether it’s for regular cargo or specialized items.

Key Benefits

1. Reliability and Punctuality: ACGC guarantees timely deliveries, ensuring that businesses can rely on them for consistent service.

2. Advanced Tracking: Real-time tracking systems provide clients with up-to-date information on their shipments, enhancing transparency and trust.

3. Eco-Friendly Operations: Committed to sustainability, ACGC uses eco-optimized aircraft and green logistics practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

Popular Routes and Efficiency

1. Europe to Istanbul: A major route for electronics and fashion items, benefiting from ACGC’s streamlined processes.

2. Germany to Ankara: Efficiently transporting automotive parts and industrial machinery.

3. France to Izmir: Ideal for perishable goods, ensuring they arrive fresh and ready for market.

Customer Success Stories

Clients across various industries have praised ACGC for their exceptional service. For example, a major electronics manufacturer recently lauded ACGC for delivering a critical shipment of components on time, avoiding a potential production delay.


Air Cargo Green Capabilities is revolutionizing air freight services to Turkey with their innovative, reliable, and eco-friendly approach. For businesses looking to enhance their logistics and reach in the Turkish market, ACGC offers the perfect solution. Learn more about theirair freight services to Turkey and discover how they can meet your transportation needs.

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