Lavender: Formation and Uses

Lavender, often mixed with purple or pink, is a light shade of purple. It is pure, elegant, and known as a spiritual color. Lavender is renowned for making the atmosphere fresh and positive. As the name suggests, Lavender comes from the plant lavender. In the past, it was also referred to as medium purple or pale bluish purple. Lavender is formed by mixing the light shades of red and blue. Purple was a symbol of wealth and excellence. People still confuse it with the lavender color. Lavender has a totally different meaning. It represents creativity, design and elegance. Nowadays, Lavender is a common symbol of love and beauty.

History of Lavender

Lavender is a Latin word for a plant that means “lavare” (to wash). In ancient history, lavender was used for cleanliness purposes. It was used in the mummification processes. From the 17s to the 19s, a dozen types of lavender shades were added to the dictionary of color names. Lavender is the pale version of purple, which is the most difficult color to make. From religious perspectives of royal families, purple was seen as a symbol of wealth, royalty, and upper status.

Choosing the right shade of Lavender

Lavender has a hex code #E6E6FA. It gives an appealing look to the Lavender. Lavender is widely used to represent women. As it is a symbol of peace, it represents gentle and elegant behaviors as well. Blue Lavender, Purple Lavender, and indigo Lavender are the most common shades of Lavender. The lavender shade is also associated with the sentiments. To invoke emotions, candles and air fresheners are designed and displayed in this color shade. Also, the lavender smell is quite appealing to the people in a calm and serene environment.

Paint Industry

In the paint industry, lavender is made by mixing purple with white. In recent times, lavender has been very popular among people and is preferred over other color variations. The Relaxed and soothing feel of the color makes it ideal for bedrooms and dining halls.

Color of Youth

The association of Lavender with the springtime makes it a youthful color. In the current era,  it represents imagination and creativity that is associated with the youth. Its strong connection with leadership and mental toughness makes it a prime option for the young generation.

Color of Calmness

Lavender represents calmness and serenity. It is believed to reduce the level of stress hormones in the human body. Ultimately, providing calm minds to take any decision. By promoting relaxation, Lavender is also associated with aromatherapy. It is easier for people to fall asleep with a cool mind. In this case,  the color of the outfit is a great influential factor.

Color combinations to pair with Lavender

It is easier to experiment with the lavender color with other soft colors. Using Lavender with other colors enhances the overall effect of both the colors. Lavender is commonly used along with white, gray, pink, and navy blue. Lavender has a tranquil nature as compared to other bold and crisp colors. This combination works well for a lot of purposes like home decor, fashion and furniture industries.


Lavender represents calmness and is a symbol of love. Lavender is closely related to purple color. Although purple has a different meaning, the origin of Lavender makes it a popular choice for people.

Several shades of Lavender are discovered that are used for different purposes. Lavender is widely used in the paint industry, representing tranquility and elegance.

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