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Techniques For Getting More Engagement On Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts


Instagram is a popular and large social media network. More than a billion people use it every month as of June 2018; of those, half use it every single day!

However, the sheer size of the audience isn’t the only thing that makes it a great place to advertise. It’s a terrific way to reach your target demographic and cultivate a devoted following. The aforesaid statistics also indicate that its audience is highly engaged.


What Is Instagram Engagement?

Let’s try to get a grasp on Instagram engagement before we get into the specific techniques that might aid your business. The amount of time your followers spend interacting with your content on social media is an indication of how committed they are to you as a brand.

The quality of engagement with your brand’s content is more important than the amount of your audience. When evaluating the performance of your marketing efforts, what matters most is how engaged your audience is with the photographs, videos, and Stories you şişli escort post.

There are a number of important metrics to monitor in order to keep tabs on user engagement, including:


This is obviously something you need to keep an eye on. The size of your audience or the amount of impact your influencers have is not the most significant metric. Analyzing the rate at which you’re generating new followers is more important than simply counting the total number of your followers.


The number of likes you receive is a basic metric that shows how engaged your audience is. It’s a simple indicator of how well your audience responds to your posts. It’s a simple measurement of your profile’s familiarity with its intended audience.


Your next Instagram engagement measure should be commented on. You may learn more about your audience’s qualitative reaction to your content by analyzing their comments.

An individual’s level of engagement may be gauged not just by the number of likes a post receives but also by the time and effort it puts into comments. Comments’ quality is equally crucial, of course. Comments like “Nice” or “Looking excellent” are frequently left, although they don’t add anything.

Reposts and shares

In continuation of the previous point, the amount of attention your content receives in the form of shares and reposts is also crucial. Users who take the time to tell their friends about your posts indicate that they found them to be particularly interesting or useful.


Methods for Getting More Likes and Followers on Instagram


Now, let’s look at several tactics that will boost your Instagram account’s organic engagement.

1. Maximize The Use Of Hashtags

When using a social media site like Instagram, the importance of hashtags cannot be overstated. You may develop your presence and attract the attention of your target audience by using trending and pertinent hashtags.

It is recommended that you choose hashtags that are associated with your company, its goods, the content of the post, and the point you are trying to make.

2. Post Relevant Content 

How else can you get more people to interact with your Instagram posts than by making them interesting and useful?

It’s not only about having a great photo and interesting captions; it’s also about the quality of the content. You should publish materials that demonstrate your product’s worth to potential buyers.

If you own a health and fitness firm, you may promote your services by showing before-and-after pictures of your satisfied customers.

Instagram is not like Twitter in that it encourages continual small talk and exchanges between users. Better content, rather than more posts, is the key to gaining followers on Instagram.

If you post too frequently, you risk having your followers get uninterested, and your engagement rates drop. If users perceive you as spamming them frequently, they will lose interest and stop interacting with you.

3. Make Use Of Instagram Stories

The average daily time spent by Instagram users on Instagram Stories is 28 minutes. Roughly 300 million individuals make daily use of the service, attesting to its widespread appeal. 

What better way to get people interested than to show them some silly outtakes and behind-the-scenes photos? Renault did a fantastic job of promoting their new Twingo Midnight models by making use of this feature among the younger demographic.

4. Apply The Appropriate Filters

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about making an impression visually. Using Instagram filters is a straightforward approach. Incorporating one or more filters into your photography may give your photos a whole new feel. Popular ones include Juno, Clarendon, Valencia, and X-Pro II.

5. Test With different Templates

Themes for your Instagram feed are another fantastic option for enhancing the aesthetic attractiveness of your postings.

Lots of users utilize filters, but not everyone can pull off feed themes. Increased brand interaction on Instagram may be achieved with that added polish. A black-and-white motif is one option, but you could also go for something more intricate.

Some business owners, like knitwear designer Lauren Aston, want to stick with a single emphasis on their brand’s identity.

6. Make Use Of Geotags

Make your posts and articles more searchable with geotags in addition to hashtags. By including location tags in their posts, local companies may gain the most benefit from them. It can facilitate interaction with nearby users’ postings. Companies like Magnolia, for instance, often include geotags in their posts.

7. Adjust Your Publishing Schedule

Instagram business page engagement may be boosted by posting at optimal times. Time your posts so that they appear in your followers’ news feeds when they are most active.

Instagram’s built-in analytics feature may help you determine the best time to post to reach your target demographic. By posting at that time, you’ll increase the number of interactions you receive within a few minutes after publishing, which is more valuable than receiving the same number of likes or shares months or years later.

8. Highlight Your Story In Your Profile

There is a little window of opportunity when a person visits your page to convince them to become a follower. Utilizing Instagram’s Highlights function is one approach to achieving this goal and attracting more followers to your profile. Instagram Stories only remain live for 24 hours, but you can preserve and improve them with Highlights. When you highlight a story with higher engagement, it will increase the chance that your new and old followers can view and interact with your stories at any time. It is best to buy automatic Instagram story views for getting maximum engagement for all the stories you posted on Instagram. Which will generate huge visibility to your stories automatically. 

9. Put Call To Action In Your Posting

Just asking for feedback and seeking participation from your audience can have a significant impact. This is why you need to make sure your post captions have a call to action. Calls to action (CTAs) motivate readers to comment on and otherwise interact with your post.

It’s a straightforward strategy for attracting more likes and comments on Instagram. This strategy may be used in a social media contest, as we’ll see in a second.

10. Organize Contests

Tagging a buddy in a remark is a great way to be noticed. As a result of reading and responding to these comments, someone new will join your Instagram audience, which will increase your engagement and reach.

Giving away free stuff and holding contests on Instagram are great strategies to attract plenty of likes and comments.

For example, MVMT frequently holds contests in which users are rewarded for sharing the app with their friends.

11. Share Your Thoughts Via Comments

One of the most effective methods of increasing participation is to reply to the comments and likes your articles receive. Don’t forget to spend some time every day responding to comments and engaging with your readers.

One way to boost engagement is to respond to user comments. They’ll be more likely to stick with you and use your account frequently. With this method, you can keep your Instagram engagement rates from dropping.

12. Evaluate And Improve

The third step is to consistently assess progress and tweak your strategy in light of new information. Improving your Instagram engagement numbers requires first understanding where you stand.

Instagram has an in-built analytics system that may help you measure the success of your posts and learn more about your audience. To do so, all you need is an Instagram business account.

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