Top 5 places to visit in Pushkar

Pushkar is a modest and charming village located in a valley. Pushkar is around 14 kilometres from Ajmer, Rajasthan. Beautiful hills surround it on three sides, with dunes on the fourth. Pushkar has an appealing setting and a fitting background for the yearly holy ‘Cattle Fair.’ People are always drawn to Pushkar’s lesser-known yet stunning tourist attractions. Continue reading our guide to know the top 5 places to visit in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Top 5 places to visit in Pushkar

Pushkar Rajasthan attractions include Pushkar temples, Pushkar ghats, Pushkar Lake, and the exquisite Pushkar palace near the lake. And, of course, the most popular event that should not miss is the Pushkar Camel Fair.

#1 Lake Pushkar

More than fifty bathing ghats surround this lake in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district. According to legend, Lord Brahma sought a location to hold a holy ritual. He threw down a lotus to lead him. The lotus landed on what is today known as Pushkar Lake.

It is a sacred water body for Hindus and the site of the Pushkar Fair. Thousands of pilgrims come here during the fair to take a holy bath that is claimed to remove sins. The lake is usually filled all year and has a variety of species. Exotic vegetation and wildlife may find in the surrounding areas. During certain seasons, many migratory birds visit the body of water. You’ll never be short of lodging options when surrounded by excellent hotels and resorts.

#2 The Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple, Pushkar is a Hindu temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, near the renowned Pushkar Lake, whose tale is inextricably linked. The temple is one of just a handful of temples in India devoted to the Hindu creator-god Brahma, and it is the most renowned of them. Also, the temple tower was built in the 14th century and was subsequently partially rebuilt.

The temple is constructed from marble and stone slabs. It has a crimson pinnacle and a hamsa bird pattern. The four-headed Brahma and his bride Gayatri are shown in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. The Sanyasi sect priesthood governs the temple. A celebration devoted to Brahma is conducted on Kartik Poornima when many pilgrims visit the temple after washing in the holy lake.

#3 Temple of Savitri Mata

Savitri Mata Mandir, also known as Savitri Temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Savitri situated on Ratnagiri Hill, a prominent pilgrimage destination near Pushkar, Ajmer Rajasthan, India. Savitri Mata Mandir is a Hindu temple on a mountaintop. The temple is roughly 750 feet and has a flight of 970 steps to Savitri temple, one of India’s most important temples. In this temple are idols of Lord Brahma’s wives, Savitri and Gayatri. Three heroes may be seen in the temple. Goddess Savitri is in the centre, flanked on the right by Goddess Sharda and on the left by Goddess Saraswati.

According to the Hindu calendar, Jagran is held on the night of Saptami in the month of Bhadra at the Mata Savitri shrine atop Savitri Hill. The temple is open daily from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no admission price. Pilgrims may go to Savitri Mata Mandir on foot or ropeway.

#4 Camel Fair in Pushkar

The Pushkar Camel Fair, also known as Kartik Mela, is one of the country’s most stunning camel fairs. Every year in November, the festival is an 8-day long brilliant and colourful occasion. This fair is held annually to encourage local camel and cow vendors to conduct business during the holy Kartik Purnima.

Several stores featuring Rajasthani handicrafts, art, and culture have been built across the fairground. The most pleasing aspect of this fair is that each day offers different events, such as magic performances, snake charmers, puppet shows, camel parades, gipsy dances, and ghoomar.

#5 The Varaha Temple

Varaha Temple, one of the most well-known Pushkar tourist attractions, situates in the city’s centre. Pushkar is a region of historical dynasties and holy temples, so this lovely temple lives up to its reputation. The Varaha Temple devotes to Lord Vishnu’s avatar Varaha, who took the appearance of a hog in his incarnation.

The temple is magnificently constructed, with stunning architecture that includes a dome, white walls, and pillars. Because of its religious significance, it draws many Hindu worshippers from all across the nation.

Wrapping Up

People often believe that there aren’t many tourist attractions in Pushkar. This is true, but that doesn’t imply Pushkar isn’t worth seeing.

Pushkar, a peaceful village with a life of its own, is a respected destination in India. Visitors may sense the heartbeat of this temple town as they travel through the streets into the market and beyond. Pushkar, located 14 kilometers from Ajmer, is founded by Lord Brahma. It is one of the few locations that has a temple dedicated to him and is one of Hinduism’s five important pilgrimage destinations in India. Pushkar, which is almost unremarkable and peaceful for most of the year, bursts into the limelight every November during the Camel Fair, which attracts visitors from all over the nation and the globe.

Pushkar is a great place to visit, particularly during the peak season. Learn more about Pushkar and the ideal time to call on top 5 places to visit in Pushkar (2022). You may make your stay here more fun and exciting by preparing ahead of time 😉

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