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Benefits of Having an Anti-theft Device in Your Car

An anti-theft device is a device that helps keep your car safe. It can use many technologies to achieve his goal. There are different types of anti-theft devices from locks to alarms. Car insurance premiums and anti-theft gadgets are closely related.
If you look carefully, car insurance is a promise – the insurer will financially help the policyholder if something bad happens to the car according to the terms. If nothing happens, the insurer does not have to pay the policyholder. Therefore, it is in the insurer’s interest to protect the insured property – in this case, the insured car.
And that’s exactly what anti-theft devices are – they improve car security, act as a deterrent against theft and help track the car. As a result, insurance companies encourage car owners to install anti-theft devices in their cars. And they reward the owners with discounts on car insurance.

1. Prevention Against Theft

Anti-theft Device help prevent theft by deterring thieves from attempting to steal a vehicle. For example, if thieves have the opportunity to steal two cars – one with wheel locks and an alarm, and the other without such security.

2. Stop Theft

ATDs offer a significant buffer time in which theft can be prevented. Thus, thieves cannot bypass the car alarm and try to break into it. The alarm goes off, sending the thief into panic mode. Security guards or other people near the car are alerted, increasing the chances of thieves abandoning the plan and stopping the theft.

3. Car Insurance Discount

Installing certified Anti-theft Device and notifying your insurance company about them can give you a discount when purchasing or renewing comprehensive vehicle insurance. If you have installed an ATD and want to take advantage of the related discount, you must be proactive and inform the company about your security measure by phone or email. Generally, such provision does not apply to the online policy purchase/renewal halkalı escort process.

4. Problem-Free Processing Of The Claim

Installing an ATD shows your desire to protect your vehicle. In the event of a theft, such an act may mean that you have actively taken measures to protect your car, but it is still stolen. This will help the insurance company understand that you are doing what you can to prevent theft and can result in a smooth claim settlement.

5. Avoid Discomfort

Dealing with the trauma of car theft, visiting the police station and filing a First Information Report (FIR) and coordinating with the insurance company can be unpleasant. Since there is a high probability that ATDs can prevent all of this, why not install one? ATDs can be useful in preventing such types of accidents.

6. Financial Security

A loss is a loss – you can’t sugar coat it. Even if you make a claim on stolen car insurance, you’ll get the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and not the price you paid to buy it, unless you have the Invoice Protection Add-on. ATD prevents such loss by preventing theft.

Types Of Car Anti-Theft Devices

Here are the different types of anti-theft devices for ATVs. Make sure you only buy ARAI approved anti-theft devices.

1. GPS Tracking

This device can be used to track a stolen vehicle. It works based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and provides the real-time location of the vehicle when the system is active.

2. Car Alarm

This is an audio ATD. If someone tries to tamper with the car, the system triggers an alarm that alerts people around the car. Anti-theft devices based on car alarms are usually not very expensive.

3. Electronic Immobilizer

Some advanced car keys have technology that sends signals to the car to start the engine. You can use such electronic anti-theft immobilizers to keep your car safe.

4. Mechanical Immobilizers

Mechanical immobilizers have several options. These devices are not hi-tech and, as a result, not very expensive. They use mechanical devices to stop the car from moving. Tire Lock, Steering Lock and Gear Lock are prominent examples of mechanical immobilizers.

5. Kill Switch

This device contains a switch that shuts off part of the vehicle’s engine, rendering it inactive until the switch is turned on. Such types of switches can be installed in a hidden place in the car to prevent thieves from getting to it.

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