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Express.js Application Development – A Rundown of Pros & Cons

We are surrounded by applications everywhere. From waking up with a new app platform to using a cab booking app or ordering food online, our daily lives depend on the customized web or mobile express.js development company. Various applications dominate the market with their interactive interface and create stiff competition for growing brands. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a seamless framework for app development that offers a responsive interface with intuitive features.

A framework comes with some in-built options that alleviate the formation of a digital business portal. Among many efficient alternatives, Express.js is a considerable framework for cost-defined application design development. In this post, we will learn more about this framework while comparing its pros and cons. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision before hiring a professional Express.js development company

What is Express.Js?

Javascript has become one of the most used languages for creating flawless web applications. Express.js is an open-source framework of Node.js which is used for designing and developing web applications quickly and easily. It makes the Node.js codes easier to understand and offers a wide range of features. Express.js is used to create single-page, multi-page, and hybrid-page web applications.

One of the primary features of Express.js is that it saves coding time and creates efficient applications. The Express framework is designed for Node.js because it is time-efficient, economical, and easy to understand. Most reputed companies like IBM, Netflix, Uber, and eBay use this framework. 

Pros of Express.js

Express.js app development company is gaining popularity because of its simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. It is an essential part of the MEAN stack which stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. Let’s move forward and understand the benefits that separate Express from other open-source cross platforms. 

  1. Express enables the developer to use a single language for developing both frontend and backend. Therefore, a web developer doesn’t use any other language. 
  2. Express.js is written in Javascript. It is a widely used web language and is accessed by thousands of developers. Here, a developer doesn’t need to spend time learning a new language which saves his time. 
  3. It is excellent for applications that handle a bundle of notifications and requests from users. Node.js and Express.js can together support thousands of actions. 
  4. The Express framework can easily be customized and used as per the needs.
  5. As Express is the extension of Node.js, there is no need to hire a new team for developing applications with the Express.js framework. The already existing developers can create efficient web and mobile apps. 

Cons of Express.js?

Express is a simple and easy-to-use framework, but there are minor disadvantages that influence the Express.js web application development. Here’s a short overview of some issues you might face with Express.js:

  1. Express is not a prudent choice for large-scale projects. It is suitable for small and medium-sized assignments. 
  2. Developers who have used other programming languages find it hard to understand the callback function. 
  3. In Express.js, there is no built-in error handling which can be a difficult thing for beginners. 

Express.js & Its Usability Against Node.js

The introduction of Express.js has made people confused about whether they should choose Node or Express due to their similarities. While Node.js is easier to code; Express is less complicated, more straightforward, and considerably faster. 

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Node is best known for creating web server and chat applications whereas Express is used to create web apps utilizing principles of Node.js. Express is comparatively much quicker than Node because it takes less time in coding. Another critical difference between Node and Express is Middleware which is used for solving different development issues. 


In the era where web and mobile applications are thriving, it is imperative to create apps on robust frameworks. The Express platform assists companies in handling data adequately and also helps them in offering higher user experiences. Being one of the high-yielding frameworks, Express is the best backend development program. Choosing the right platform for developing the application’s backend is vital. 

If you want to develop a highly-efficient application, then contact an Express.js development company like Trank Technologies. We have a passionate team of Express developers with extensive knowledge of Javascript to create a spontaneous and scalable digital platform for your brand.

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