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5 EHR Services Frequently Used For Urgent Care Billing

Having the appropriate equipment is crucial if you too want to succeed with your urgent care business. In reality, for your office to provide top-notch patient care, it must have enough parking, the best location, clear signage, knowledgeable staff, and, most crucially, the appropriate EHR technology.

Urgent care billing services

However, it might be difficult to select the best EHR tool from the wide range of choices offered on the US market. In actuality, one shouldn’t rely solely on the hospital’s existing default system. Before choosing and implementing an EHR system, it is necessary to take into account each one’s distinct qualities. Even the software is chosen based on the various healthcare and service demands of urgent care patients. The following are the EHRs that urgent care billing services utilize most frequently:


A web-based EHR for practice administration, Kareo primarily serves small medical practices and billing businesses. In fact, thousands of doctors around the US use this technique. This software allows medical practices to:

  • The patients’ appointments,
  • Verify the coverage,
  • In charge of accounts and collection
  • Save the patient’s paperwork
  • create the individualized reports

Complete the assignments within 48 hours of registering, among many more.

The best feature of this system is that it has a low initial monthly cost, no setup or contract fees, and no troublesome upkeep or update requirements.


More than 160,000 healthcare professionals presently utilize the athenahealth software for urgent care billing, which was most recently renamed 2020 Best in KLAS: Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM. The cloud-based services offered by athenaClinicals are for:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) & medical billing
  • Care coordination
  • Patient engagement
  • Population health management, and many more

This EHR software offers a webpage to examine the patient details and daily schedule, manage the orders, and view the test results. It is designed for practices with 10 or fewer doctors.


Healthcare professionals and medical practices can manage patient intake and treatment, clinical charting, revenue cycle management, and other related tasks using the iPhone and iPad compatibility of the drChrono EHR. It includes

  • Customizable medical forms templates
  • Prebuilt forms
  • E-prescribing
  • Real-time patient eligibility checks
  • Automatic scheduling tools, and
  • A patient portal

Additionally, it provides a wide range of apps and a medical API so that developers of healthcare apps may readily follow patient data.


A comprehensive software programme designed for independent urgent care practices is called AdvancedMD. This software’s features are as follows:

  • Medical billing and practice management
  • Patient engagement tools
  • Reputation management
  • Telemedicine functionality
  • Patient charts
  • Financial analytics

Reporting on business intelligence, like. Right from self-scheduling or e-appointments, the integration of all these elements in one location automates the patient’s journey and improves the patient experience.


A practice management tool called eClinicalWorks offers technological assistance at each stage of the patient care delivery process. This electronic health record’s (EHR) attributes include:

  • Customizable reminders
  • Patient engagement
  • Population health data
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Custom messaging campaigns, and alike.

The eCW system also offers options like trend analysis, structured data gathering, customizable papers, etc. and gives access to all the components of the patient information.

Why Outsource Services for Urgent Care Billing?

Similar to your clinic, urgent care centers are flourishing because they offer compassionate, evidence-based care, have a respectable patient volume, and receive excellent online ratings. However, their profit margins are still below expectations. If your revenue is stagnant, your billing procedure needs to be improved.

Many urgent care practitioners experience financial difficulties up until the point at which they decide to outsource their medical billing operations. Let’s examine the fundamentals of billing for urgent care and how making a few minor adjustments to your procedures might increase the money generated by your clinic.

How medical bills are processed for urgent care facilities?

Urgent care clinics or emergency rooms are vital or play a significant role in our healthcare system, with little to no difference between primary care and emergency room practice. They are anticipated to be valued $26 billion by 2023 and are growing in popularity as a result. You must engage with a fantastic medical billing services provider to optimize your processes for maximum profits if you want to command a fair portion of the market.


Did you aware that choosing the best EHR/PM software has a significant impact on how successfully your clinic runs? It is therefore strongly advised to make a very careful tool selection. In reality, you should be conscious of the overall effects of changing from your current tool to a new one on your practice operation.

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