Dordle Game : Why is it the most popular game in the world?

Every year, thousands of online games are released, in order to stand out and be loved, online games must improve their quality to attract players. One of the fun and interesting word games is Dordle Game. Completely free online game suitable for all ages. So what is Dordle game? How to enter the game and possibly win? This article will answer all those questions for you.

What is the origin of Dordle?

Dordle game is a version of Wordle – one of the most loved games in the world. Wordle game is a crossword puzzle game. Created with the aim of providing an entertaining game for all ages, playable with no time limit and completely free. Dordle uses alphanumeric letters to create hidden words.

Since its appearance, Wordle has been loved around the world and has become a legend in online games. This is a solid foundation for Dordle to be born and become one of the most loved versions of this game.

What is the Dordle game ?

Dordle game is a successful version of Wordle, created by Josh Wardle so it has all the same features as Wordle. The difference comes in the fact that you don’t just need to find one keyword, but you need to find 2 keywords over 7 plays.

It can be understood that Dordle is like Wordle x 2, playing two Wordles at the same time Multiply two tables, multiply two numbers of crosswords and keywords, but the chance of finding a crossword remains the same. So Dordle is considered a more difficult version of Wordle.

What are the rules of Dordle game?

Dordle game has very simple rules so it is suitable for both children and adults. The task of each player is to find the hidden crossword by overcoming 6 previous challenges equivalent to going through 6 horizontal rows of hidden crosswords.

This game is interesting in that there is no hint at all, but players will gradually find the clues by looking at the colors of the crossword.

If the square is green then the letter is correct

If the square is yellow, the letter appears in the word but it is not in the correct position and you need to find the correct position for that word.

If the square is gray, unfortunately your location is wrong

For example:wordle pics

The search word is QUEST

Then Q, U, E are 100% correct and green

T, E are in the word but in the wrong place, so it’s yellow

M,N, O.. in gray is the wrong letter



What is the difference of feature?

Dordle’s biggest difference probably comes from the fact that Dordle game includes two Wordle tables. This both increases the difficulty and creates a new and interesting for the game.

The second is that there are 2 more options for players: Daily or Free Dordle Game

Daily means you can play unlimitedly with puzzles that are updated and updated every day

Free is that you can play unlimitedly as many times as you like.

These two features are extremely interesting and create attraction and surprise for players. There’s nothing better than being able to play comfortably without worrying about anything.

In addition, the plus point of Dordle game is that you can use function keys such as changing the color green/yellow or black/purple to change the color of the crosswords. In addition, players can use the dark background function to avoid eye damage when playing games for a long time. This has shown the founder’s interest in players and is one of the functions that confirm the quality of Dordle that not all online games can do.

Tips and Tricks in Dordle game

Although Dordle’s rules are extremely simple, to find the correct letters in thousands of numbers is not everyone can do it, especially in a short time. So first of all, you need to find common words in everyday life that have letters that start with vowels like L, M, H, Q.

Pay attention to the color of the words and link them together. But no need to try to put all the correct words in, choose words with different letters to find new letters.

Although there are 7 guesses, you actually only have 6 chances to find the correct word. If you do not make good use of these 6 opportunities, the last word will be difficult to find. So from the beginning, calculate the words so that they are most reasonable and diverse.

Logical thinking and analysis will determine how fast you find the word

The benefits that Dordle game brings

After tiring working days, Dordle game will definitely be a great choice for you. Dordle is an age- and player-free game, so anyone can participate. You can play dordle with your family and friends, especially players around the world. This game connects people together. That’s what not all online games can do.

Dordle brings fun, comfortable moments, and relaxation with relatives and family. You will have free time to play with your friends, family or other players around the world. Together, finding out the secret keywords will be the best experience and will have a destiny time. Unlike other online games, Dordle connects everyone and brings entertainment for all players.

For children, Dordle games are a perfect tool to promote their intellectual development. Help children learn more new words, remember words for longer periods of time, and improve their ability to judge and think. that, dordle is a beneficial tool to boost children’s imagination, analytic skills, and logical thinking. Because of its benefits, Dordle is always the best choice of parent for your children. Dordle is both an entertaining and brain-training game.


Dordle game is a great word game that you can play every day and it’s free. The benefits that it brings are greater than a mere entertainment game, especially for children, such as: increasing the ability to think logically and language. This is also a great game for all ages that includes outstanding elements such as: beautiful graphics, attractive content, easy rules, friendly gameplay. If you are looking for fun, interesting and light games to relax, Dordle is the perfect choice that definitely cannot be ignored if you are a fan of Wordle.



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