Reasons to Open Construction Company in Pakistan

There are many reasons to start a construction company in Pakistan. One of the most important factors is experience, so if you have any experience in construction, you can open a construction company in Pakistan. You can also use your knowledge to build the house of your dreams.  You don’t want to be in business for long with a bad contractor, so make sure to choose the right one.

Opening Construction Company in Pakistan

PR plays a crucial role in a business’s success, so building a network early on is essential. By knowing your contacts and identifying your niche, you will be better placed to grab new opportunities and secure favors for your company. Besides, specializing in a specific field will provide you with a competitive edge, as clients will trust your expertise. Here are some reasons to open a construction company in Pakistan:

Owners want the project done right the first time. While owners may feel tired of small tasks, contractors want to complete the project on time. Many of them want to move into their new home or rent their commercial space, and most of them act like investors, aiming to sell the property and make a profit on the rental fee. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is the same: people are looking for a reliable and affordable construction company that will finish their projects on time.

Registrations and Licensing

Starting a construction company in Pakistan requires certain registrations and licensing. To set up a construction company, you will need to register with the Securities & Exchange Board (SECP), the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), and the Pakistan Engineering Council. After that, you will need to acquire a construction license from the government. Once you have a construction license, you can begin executing your projects. Getting a construction license will ensure your company is legal and successful.

Construction Companies in Pakistan

PEC licensing is the basic requirement for doing public works. To become a registered construction company, you must be a member of PEC, the Pakistan Engineering Council. The PEC has 8 categories of operators and constructors. You can choose to specialize in one or more of them depending on the nature of your business. The PEC also has a wide range of specialization codes, including electrical, mechanical, and civil.

Skilled Employees

In Pakistan, there are several government benefits to starting a construction company in Lahore. For instance, the construction tax rate is set and you can be charged a fixed fee per square foot or yard. Nevertheless, this tax will not apply if you’re selling your house, so be sure to register your company with the FBR. Once registered, the company will receive a National Technical Number (NTN) – the same number of letters as it has shareholders.

The construction industry requires skilled employees. A company without these skills and experience will face hefty fees and tax penalties. In addition, you might even be shut down by the government for lack of permits. By ensuring compliance with the law, you will be able to get the proper permits to conduct business in Pakistan. This is an important factor in your success. If you don’t have a construction permit, you could end up paying large fines, tax penalties, and even closing down your business.

Increasing Foreign Investment

In Pakistan, foreign investment has increased dramatically in recent years. Private limited companies can be 100% foreign owned without having to obtain an import license, and investors can also establish 100% foreign-owned companies in most business fields. It’s important to note that shareholders must be of any nationality and cannot be Israeli or American citizens. The capital needs to be in line with the planned expenses, so it’s important to make sure that the registered capital matches your expected business’s planned expenditure.

Construction Companies in Pakistan

Before opening a construction company in Pakistan, you’ll need to secure a business name. You can submit an application for a business name by visiting the nearest SECP district office in person, or electronically through the security exchange of Pakistan (SECP). Upon receiving approval, you will be issued a ‘Company Name Reservation Certificate’. Depending on the size of the company, you might be required to provide more information. In addition, you can also consider a construction loan when preparing to open your business.


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