Caftan Style Tips: Proper Way Of Wearing Caftans

Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon that claims continual adaptation. Fashion emphasizes comfort and ease. Therefore, the demand and popularity of caftans for women are increasing in recent years. Style on your next vacation with one of the most versatile items. Women of all body shapes, sizes, ages can wear caftans. It can be worn short or long with the latest fashion accessories.

Now, the question is what to wear underneath your caftan? How and when to wear your caftan? Here are some tips on how to style with caftans.

Caftans For A Beach 

Planning to attend a beach party? Wrap yourself with the relaxed cuts of the majestic caftans made up of comfortable fabrics. Elegant caftans are ideal for a pool party. If you are tired of monotonous city life and you need a break, chalk out a plan for weekend trips. Sheer caftans are the perfect choice for a weekend tour to a beach. While walking by the seaside, wear caftans over a swimsuit. While exploring the nearby sights, wear caftans over a slip and pants. 

Choose a uniform colour underneath sheer caftans for women. White pants must be paired with a white cami under a white caftan. The colour of undergarments will change the look and feel of your outfit. When you are pairing your caftan with bright white pants and cami, it will bring a tropical holiday feel. The same outfit with black undergarments is ideal for an evening party on the terrace. 

Caftans For Cruising

Want to see the world most fashionably? Cruising is the best option. Yes. Cruising is a high-end way to see the world with high-end and glamorous fashion. 

Give a luxurious look to your caftan pairing it with a flesh-coloured slip. Make sure that it is slightly dark skin coloured and it is not shiny.  A pale coloured shiny slip reflects the light and draws your attention. Dark coloured non-shiny slip brings out the colours of the kaftan. So, this pairing can disguise any bumps that you want to hide from the world.

Accessorize your kaftan to add an extra touch of glamour while cruising. Place an oversized belt around your waist and wear a long-line necklace. These accessories will elevate your outfit and give you a luxurious look.

Formal & Casual Occasions

Kaftans can be worn by all women of all body shapes and sizes. Caftans plus size is also available. You can hide the secret parts of your body with caftans. For instance, women with bigger busts can look gorgeous with a long-sleeved kaftan having a low V-neck. 

For the perfect boho-chic outfit, you must wear a pair of sandals, large sunglasses, and take a shoulder handbag. Wear these accessories with kaftans when you go to summer parties on weekends.

For formal occasions, choose a more fitted designed kaftan made of silk. Pair it with silver jewellery and jewelled sandal with heels. 

Small handbags, sandals or high heels, the right accessories, the right length, and the right fabric are all those things to consider while dressing up with kaftans. For example, Kaftans for women made up of flowy fabric must be paired with appropriate accessories. Cotton or silk caftan is a perfect outfit for summer parties. A medium-length, printed caftan paired with leggings is perfect for an office. 


Kaftans are found in different designs, colours, and fabrics. Caftans plus size in different lengths is worn by fashion-conscious women. You can wear them at parties, on beach vacations, and at the office.

Gipci is the manufacturer of versatile, comfortable, and stylish caftans. Their caftans made up of Egyptian cotton are of super quality and provide enough comfort. 

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