How to Create Perfect Lesson Plan for Online English Tutoring 

How to Create Perfect Lesson Plan for Online English Tutoring 

If you are new in the online teaching world, you are probably not sure how, to begin with, the same. Teaching a whole class is different, but teaching students individually is entirely different. Personal English tutors can refer students to notes and other videos, audio, and interactive elements. This will add fun to your teaching and make more sense.

You have to be sure that you design a lesson plan that meets the student’s specific needs. If not, they will not be interested in continuing to learn from you. English teaching is simple, especially online, since you have multiple teaching options. 

What Makes Teaching Online Unique? 

  • The majority of the online session with students is one to one. This makes the session very engaging and exciting since you only focus on one student at a time. 
  • With that, the lesson plan you create is student-centric; it allows you to focus on creating a plan that meets the unique requirement of the student.
  • An English speaking tutor online can use various video conferencing platforms, like Skype or even Zoom, to make your lesson session seamless.
  • If not, you can work for a tutoring platform that offers you additional benefits and support. 

Ask Yourself a Few Questions Before Making a Lesson Plan 

  1. Will you ask what your students are being taught in school about the subject?
  2. Do a spoken English tutor plan to create new learning goals for students?
  3. Is the target language entirely new for the student? 
  4. What is your main focus on teaching? Is it teaching, writing or listening? 
  5. Will you teach one student individually or in a group? 
  6. Do you know what the student’s expectations are with English learning?
  7. Have you discussed the lesson plan with your student?


This may be a daunting part, but it is crucial to have an objective for your lesson plan. Start with the foundation or base of teaching. What is your focus as an experienced English tutor? Is it to make their English speaking stronger, writing, listening, or communication skills? 


Include a detailed work responsibility alongside the lesson plan. Keep things fully organised, so you know what you will be teaching to your students. Make sure that you see every day what you will be introducing to your students. 


Set everyday tasks and responsibilities! Everyone learns differently and has a different learning pace too. So, accordingly, you can create daily activities that you can accomplish. Make goals that are attainable for you and your student as well. 


Now that you know how to create a detailed lesson plan. It is time to execute the information into practice and create one for your student. Make sure that you see every day what you will be introducing to your students. First, learn and understand what is the requirement of the student, and accordingly, you can create the lesson plan. Having an appropriate lesson plan will ensure that you, as an English tutor, can make the teaching seamless. 

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