Best Things to Do near Student Accommodation Liverpool

When you are staying in the student accommodation Liverpool, and you have various slots of leisure time, then quite obviously, you would like to explore the city. Some interesting things to do in Liverpool might be your major concern.

Apart from studying at a university in Liverpool, there is a lot to explore in this amazing city in the United Kingdom. Here you will know some best things to do in Liverpool, which will create some unforgettable moments for you in the city and will make your years of study a lifetime memory.

Some Best Things to Do in Liverpool
1. Enjoy Outer Space in Spaceport

The spaceport in Liverpool provides an enjoyable trip for lovers of outer space. In this center, you find Student Accommodation Liverpool that is centered around various themes, such as solar systems and space pods. Each of them comprises their own hands-own activities.

You also find an interactive zone here with activities and games based on light and gravity. The trip can finished by watching the planetarium and getting glimpses of the Milky Way, our own galaxy.

2. Be the Part of the Industrial History of Liverpool at Merseyside Maritime Museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum is situated on historical Albert Dock. It considered the best place to go for learning more about the industrial history of Liverpool. This museum acts as a gateway to the world and it connects Britain to other countries and cultures.

Learning Liverpool’s role in emigration with several people traveling to America from Liverpool throughout the history of America is another attraction in the museum. Moreover, you know about the popular ship Titanic, which comprised strong links to its registered Liverpool city.

3. Get the Glimpses of Liverpool Cathedral, the World’s Longest, One of the Tallest, and Fifth Largest Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is an astonishing-looking cathedral in the city of Liverpool, which built in the year 1904. Since then, it altered and reimagined a number of times. Giles Gilbert Scott, the designer of Battersea Power Station in London and England’s iconic red telephone box designed this cathedral also, and it was originally designed by him.

Liverpool Cathedral has an external length of 189 meters, which makes it the world’s longest cathedral. It is also one of the tallest cathedrals in the world, with a height of 101 meters. Moreover, it is the fifth-largest cathedral in the world.

4. Don’t Miss Europe’s Oldest Chinese Community at Chinatown

Chinatown in Liverpool is the home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe. Moreover, you can find here an impressive range of Chinese businesses, eateries, and facilities.

When you enter through Chinatown gate, you find an unmissable arch, which is considered as largest of its kind outside of China built originally in Shanghai. Beautiful lanterns used here to decorate the street and the names have been given to the streets in both English and Chinese.
You can also enjoy here authentic East Asian food.

5. Enjoy Fantastic Music at Cavern Club

The Cavern Club is a music club and nightclub on Mathew Street, Liverpool, England. This club opened in 1957 as a jazz club and later on, it became a center of the rock furthermore, roll scene in Liverpool in the mid-1960s.

6. Know the History of an International Phenomenon at The Beatles Story

Your music journey at Liverpool cannot be complete without The Beatles Story. It is the exhibition that dedicated to the history and influence of the international phenomenon, The Beatles. At the exhibition, you can witness a plethora of artefacts from the Beatles and their career.

7. Explore the Street Art of Liverpool

Liverpool considered as a place with one of the best street art scenes in the nation. It has impressive pieces featured throughout the city. To explore this, you only need to go for the walk in the city of Liverpool.

You can book a walking tour with any tour company in order to get a more structured guide to the local street art. In previous times, street art festivals have also been hosted by Liverpool for celebrating the ever-changing body of work.

8. Have Fun with the Proximity of Nature at Crosby Beach

Liverpool has great access to some part of the natural coastline of Britain as a port. This is a sandy beach that looks out onto the Irish Sea with views of North Wales and Wirral. It provides amazing sight of beautiful sunsets.

Crosby Beach also consists of art installation, which is known as another place. It features plenty of sculptures along the beach.

To Sum Up

By doing these things, you can have full fun while living in a student accommodation Liverpool. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are many more things to do and many other attractions of people’s interests in Liverpool, which you can enjoy during your years of stay in the city.

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