Facts About Clothing Belt Strap Materials

Clothing belts offer great fashion for minimal cost. Featuring a broad array of colors, they can enhance your outfit choices. Additionally, belts can help flatter your figure by drawing attention to your waist, giving the appearance of a more hourglass shape or streamlined physique. Because of all these benefits, you can find belts in many different styles and made from a wide variety of materials. Learning more about belt strap materials can broaden your horizons on the options you might want to add to your existing garments.

1. Braided Materials

If you want a bit of stretch to your belt, you might gravitate toward belt straps made from braided materials. These might include thin pieces of nylon, leather or waxed cotton, and the narrow pieces get woven together to form a classic braided look. Belts made from braided materials typically feature solid leather at the buckle end for durability. These fashion-forward belts work well with most casual clothing styles.

2. Leather Materials

Leather straps offer both classic and casual styles when used in making belts. Specifically, smooth leather dress belts work well for suits and other traditional clothing. Alternatively, you can find leather belts with tooling and engraving that provide a more casual appeal. Belts for children, including children’s butterfly belt styles, often feature these and other fanciful designs created on leather straps. Faux leather also makes a great belt strap material and can be found in exotic faux leathers like ostrich or alligator.

3. Nylon Materials

Nylon makes a highly functional belt material. For instance, manufacturers create nylon belts from thin strips braided to form belt straps. Another option includes flat woven nylon, which makes a sturdy and durable belt strap. Nylon belts look great with casual pants.

By changing the belt you wear, you can completely refashion your entire outfit’s appearance. In addition, stocking up on various belts gives your wardrobe a whole new look with each belt you pair with your clothing options.

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