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Pros and cons of mass gainers and best GNC weight gainer supplements

 Mass gainers are such popular fitness supplements. If you are someone who is looking to gain weight in a healthy way without adding extra fat to your body, then you should definitely consider including GNC mass gainer supplements. Mass gainer supplements are high quality dietary supplements that help increase muscle mass and have the right balance of extra calories and essential nutrients needed for healthy weight gain. 

The one thing that you should note is that even the best mass gainer will now show results overnight. You need to be consistent and patient. Have the mass gainer in conjugation with an optimal workout routine and right kind of diet to see best results. 

Pros and cons of mass gainers 

A lot of people just start taking mass gainer supplements without knowing what these supplements are, what are the benefits, how will they affect your body, and what are some of the side effects. 

The main pros of including a good quality mass gainer in your fitness routine are – 

  • These supplements help you gain weight in a sustained and a healthy way 

  • Have the right balance of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients 

  • Are a good source of dietary fiber 

  • Help with proper muscle growth and development 

  • Keep energy levels up throughout the day and help you push through your workouts 

There are so many kinds of fitness supplements available. You should get in touch with your doctor and trainer to know which GNC weight gainer would be best for you based on your individual health needs. 

Some cons of weight gainer supplements that you should know of include – 

  • Although GNC weight gainers are completely safe to consume, in some cases there can be certain side effects like – nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, stomach pain, difficulty in breathing, redness and rashes etc.

  • Some mass gainers can have added sugar or might not be gluten free. So. if you have gluten allergy then make sure you read the nutritional information carefully. 

Best GNC mass gainer supplements 

For taking your fitness a notch higher with clean gains, you should check out these GNC weight gainer supplements. 

GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX 

A science based sports nutrition supplement that’ll give amazing results and help you gain weight in the right way, that’s GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX. The advanced formula has the right amalgamation of ingredients that are clinically proven to improve lean muscle mass, increase weight, and improve strength and exercise performance. Each serving provides 50 g muscle building protein, 10 g BCAAs, and 748 Kcal. It also provides carbohydrates and healthy fats that help in gaining muscle mass. 

You can choose from two classic flavors – chocolate and vanilla. The good thing is that they get mixed instantly and taste amazing. So you can either mix the mentioned amount with water or milk to make a shake, or even add this mass gainer to other recipes like – pancakes and muffins. It is a gluten free supplement and has no added sugar. 

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 is a premium quality mass gainer which has a protein rich formula. Each serving delivers 1340 calories, hence the name. In addition to this, it also provides 50 g muscle building protein in each serving and has the right balance of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolyzed. If your fitness goal is to build muscle mass and gain weight in a healthy way, then you should check out this GNC weight gainer supplement. 

Some of the main highlights of this supplement are – it is a fast absorbing formula, is gluten free and super easy to blend, provides 11 g of BCAAs to reduce muscle breakdown especially after intense workouts, has the goodness of glutamine which is an important amino acid to help muscle support and aids in maintaining positive nitrogen balance in the body. 

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 is available in two flavors – chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It is ideal for sports athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to gain weight. 

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP

One of the top selling mass gainer formulas by GNC is Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP. It is a hyper anabolic mass gainer formula that is especially formulated to target varied fitness needs. The double benefit of proven ingredients and dosage gives you massive gains. Each serving of this mass gainer provides 880 calories, 60 g muscle-building protein, an Advanced Creatine Complex and a Hyper-Anabolic Complex and 140 g of carbohydrates. It has the right balance of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolyzed, and calcium caseinate to maintain positive nitrogen balance in the body and for proper muscle building. The added BCAAs trigger anabolic recovery, improve post anabolic response, and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after intense exercise sessions. 

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP is a gluten free dietary supplement that helps with healthy weight gain without adding any extra fat to your body. It is available in 2 variants – chocolate and vanilla. 

You can visit GNC India’s official website – and buy the complete range of weight gainer supplements directly. For best results follow the dosage instructions mentioned on the pack. 

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