Spill Containment Berms and More: Everything an Industrial Spill Kit Needs

Is your business ready to tackle industrial leaks and spills? When did you last update your spill control kit? Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, tooling, welding, or any other industrial operation, spill kits are a must. You may have solvents, oils, and a whole list of other chemicals on-site. You may operate with well-used vehicles and machinery that leak from time to time. No matter the situation, preparation makes a difference. From spill containment berms to absorbents, here’s what your on-site spill kit needs. Be ready to tackle expected and unexpected leaks and spills.

Industrial Spill Kit Basics

When it comes to industrial jobs, spills are part of the equation. It’s never ideal to have to address one, just prepare yourself for them in advance. An average spill kit stores gear and equipment for cleaning up hazardous material spills. This can come in three general categories: general-purpose, oil, and hazmat or chemical. Each kit will have personal protective equipment, sorbents, spill containment devices, and more. Make sure to include the following items in your spill kit.

Spill Containment Berms for Large Surface Areas

Spill berms are versatile. But they really shine when it comes to use with vehicles and large machinery. Many spill containment berms are specifically made to be driven on and used as a temporary parking mat for leaking vehicles. This allows you to build a barrier around the vehicle to keep drips and leaks fully contained. They also help keep material away from vehicles and machinery—spill berms work both ways! Larger spill containment berms can act as a secondary barrier when storing large drums, barrels, and other containers.

Large spill berms are great for garages, open work areas, storage rooms, or anywhere there’s room to spread them out. Many manufacturers make spill containment berms of varying sizes to meet your needs. This can include leaving a spill berm down on a semi-permanent basis. They are quick to assemble and durable. Keep a few spill berms of various sizes as part of your spill kit.

Drip Containment Pouches and Catchers

Sometimes spill containment berms are too large for the job. This is where drip containment pouches and catchers come in. Drip pouches attach or adhere to machinery, tools, and hoses that drip or leak. They take up very little space and are easy to deploy and use. The drip catchers work in a similar way. These smaller mats can be placed in spots where spill berms can’t fit. Both pouches and catchers can be set up in seconds. Simply unfold and they do everything else. Keep several of each as part of your spill kit.

Absorbent Socks and Towels

When oil is pooling on the floor, you need something that can handle the cleanup. Ordinary towels just won’t cut it. This is where specialized absorbent pads, pillows, and socks can make a difference. These products specifically clean up oils, coolants, and more. Use absorbent pads to clean up smaller or contained spills. Use pillows for higher volume spills. And use socks to keep spills from getting any larger. Keep a selection of each in your spill kit to help when it’s time for cleanup.

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