IPMAT 2022 | All About IPMAT

IPMAT | All About IPMAT Exam

IPMAT is an aptitude test for admission to IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak’s five-year programme, IPM (Integrated Programme in Management). IIM Indore offers a dual degree programme (Bachelors + Masters) for applicants who have completed the 12th standard. It is a programme that permits students to apply to IIMs once they have completed their 12th grade. Aspirants must pass the IPMAT exam to be considered for admission to IPM, and those who are shortlisted must subsequently compete in the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds. Nirma University, in addition to IIM Indore, accepts IPMAT results for admission to its BBA-MBA integrated programme. IIM Rohtak has also launched an Integrated Program in Management, which is administered through a distinct IPMAT 2022.

What is the purpose of IPMAT?

IPMAT has grown in popularity among students as an alternative to Engineering, Law, and Medicine. A student interested in pursuing a career in management no longer needs to deviate from his route by studying engineering or law. IPM stands apart because of the environment it creates and the time it gives students to think about and plan their lives, ensuring that realities and goals are aligned. The following are some compelling reasons why IPM is an excellent alternative for students.

IIM After 10+2:

The IPM programme leads to IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak, two of the best IIMs. Because IPM is still in its early phases of attracting the attention of young aspirants, it offers an opportunity to get into IIM at a time when competition is extremely low. In 2018, about 2.1 lakh candidates took the CAT exam, but only roughly 18,000 students took the IPM exam. When compared to B.Tech graduates who seek an MBA following engineering and spend 6 years doing so, IPM saves students one year because it takes only 5 years to complete.

A major reason for this is holistic education. IPM’s distinctness stems in part from its well-structured curriculum. Not just in the sphere of management, but also in a variety of other subjects, IPM provides the required knowledge and abilities. The world-class IIM faculty feeds the students’ intelligence.

The IIM Brand:

The unrivaled IIM degree adds enormous value to a candidate’s resume. Without having to take a separate undergraduate course in any other field of study, a 10+2 student can strive to benefit from this brand value.

Better Positioning:

Better Positioning: In terms of placements, the IPM is much ahead of both engineering and law. While a fresher graduating from an engineering institution receives a pay package ranging from 3 to 7 lakhs, an IPM graduate receives a salary package ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs. MBA students get an excellent start in their professions, not simply financially. An MBA from an IIM joins a firm at the mid-management or senior management levels, whereas an engineer begins his career at the bottom of the executive ladder.

IPMAT Scores Accepted by Colleges

List of institutions that accept IPMAT scores for admission to IPM programmes is shown below.

  • Indore Institute of Management (IPMAT Indore)
  • Ranchi Institute of Management
  • Ahmadabad’s Nirma University’s Institute of Management
  • Rohtak Institute of Management (IPMAT Rohtak)
  • IIM Bodh Gaya is a university in Bodh Gaya, India.
  • Jammu and Kashmir Institute of Management

Exam Preparation for the IPMAT

The IPMAT Exam assesses your capacity to think, and the correct method to answer a question is crucial. Familiarity with the themes and types of questions addressed becomes critical in this situation. Get a firm grasp on the fundamentals and take practice examinations on a regular basis. Analyze each question to determine your strong and weak points. For the Verbal Ability section, read a lot to improve your reading speed and comprehension. Regularly read the newspaper to stay informed about current events, which can aid you in the WAT and PI processes.

Keep these suggestions in mind when preparing for your event.
  1. The candidate must create a schedule based on the syllabus.
  2. Ensure that you have covered all of the subjects and concepts.
  3. Mock tests and practice tests must be prioritized by the candidate.
  4. It’s critical to assess the tests you’ve done, identify your weak spots, and concentrate on improving them.
  5. Remember, the principle is always correct. Prior to answering the question, set aside whatever additional information you may have about the topic.
  6. Apply the concept with rigor to the provided event.

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