Where Is Flying Beast Now?

The Flying Beast is a popular YouTuber with a following of over 1.9 million people. His first channel, dubbed Flying Beast, is a vlog about his life. He has a fitness channel where he posts workout videos. He has also appeared in MensXp magazine. His latest video shows him playing a video game with his daughter. Since it was uploaded to the internet, Flying-Beast has gained a lot of attention and followers.

An Internet Sensation

Gaurav Taneja (aka Flying Beast) has been an internet sensation since December 2017, when he started his first youtube channel. Now, he has over 7.2 million subscribers and has two fitness channels. He has even taken his passion for flying to the next level by joining Twitter, where he has over 609k followers. The YouTuber also recently met with President Barack Obama, in Singapore, and has been making videos promoting health products.

Besides his YouTube videos, Flying Beast has also taken a stand on the safety issues pertaining to airlines. He has vlogged about his life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His recent video shows him working out and talking about nutrition. He has been a pilot for eight years and has thousands of subscribers. He has a huge fanbase on all of the social media platforms. It’s not clear what prompted him to start vlogging.

Net Worth

The Flying Beast Net Worth estimated of $5 million. He is an Indian airline pilot who makes around ten to twelve lakh INR a year. His salary is around 10-12 lakh INR, but he has other income streams from brand endorsements, which amounts to about 3-4 lakhs a month. The Flying Beast has a luxury bungalow worth approximately six to seven crores. The question that is nagging the internet is where is he spending his money.

Besides his YouTube channel, Flying Beast is the owner of a popular YouTube channel with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Then makes a salary of 10 to twelve lakh INR. He also earns from his airline endorsements and the money he makes from his YouTube channel is between ten to twelve lakhs INR. He has a high-profile YouTube channel and has a huge following. In addition to his youtube channel, he works as a pilot.

Besides making fitness and workout videos, Flying beast is also a successful YouTuber with a net worth of $5 million. He is an Indian airline pilot with a net worth of about $5 million. While he earns his salary from his airline endorsements, he is a popular figure on the internet. In addition to being a successful vlogger, he also teaches fitness classes. The YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and is the most popular website on YouTube.

A popular Youtube channel, Flying Beast has a massive fan base. It is estimated that the Flying Beast’s total net worth is around $5 million and the Flying Beast’s annual income is estimated to be between two and three crores. Apart from being a popular YouTuber, the Flying Beast is also a pilot. His YouTube videos include his family’s vlogs and gives fitness advice. Flying Beast net worth is around 5 million and his monthly income is a mere two to three crores.

His YouTube Channel Earning

The Flying Beast’s net worth is estimated at $5 million and he has an annual income of around two to three crores. Besides being a YouTube star, he is also a pilot with a net worth of $2 million. He has a huge fan base and is a well-known influencer in India. His videos have millions of subscribers and are watched by thousands of people. He is a YouTube sensation and he makes videos about fitness and nutrition. Flying Beast Second Baby is also in the news and trending on the internet.

The Flying Beast has a net worth of $5 million. He is an Indian airline pilot and a YouTube vlogger with millions of subscribers. His salary is approximately 10 to 12 lakh INR. His income is generated primarily from his YouTube channel and through brand endorsements. In addition to his YouTube channel, He also has a huge property worth millions of rupees. The money earned by the Flying Beast comes from various sources.

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