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How Will UX Research Presentation Motivate Your Design Team?

How Will UX Research Presentation Motivate Your Design Team? The main goal of web designers is to create the UX (UX) in an approach that is compatible with the requirements of all those who are involve in the development of the website. A plethora of information about end-users including e-mails from clients regarding business rules; to transcripts of usability tests conduct by customers; and even recordings of help desk training — can overwhelm an organization’s team of project managers. This article provides a quick guide to manage the overwhelming amount of information in research and turning insights into tangible benefits for most important web users.

User Experience Research

Research in design is typically costly in terms of budget; time schedule and scope of work. To justify the need for massive modifications the design team needs to be able to evaluate the multitude of ideas to ensure they meet requirements of the seven UX requirements:

  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Findable
  • Credible
  • Desirable
  • Accessible
  • Valuable

Base on the responses from the data collect from the survey Base on each response; the UX designers will attempt to pinpoint the issue that the user feels creates a barrier or delay from achieving the purpose; which is providing a high-quality user experience on the internet. The team will go over every suggestion made by participants to the study and assess whether it is in line with the above requirements. What is the value of this enhancement? Are we able to design a user-friendly experience with this idea with an eye on the future? Can the team be capable of making the change simple to locate on the website? To analyze this the delivery team will require an application that will combine the demands into an enumerable action plan. The plan; in the end; incorporates the findings from this research in the company’s online product. Its UX research report clarifies the narrative the design team needs to create to effectively produce this kind of document.


In elementary school that every story has an opening; a middle; and an ending. For graphic designers who present surveys and test results relate to the UX must begin with the reason the team was able to conduct testing and what the main points of the study conclude and; then how the team can successfully bring these changes to fruition. With the ultimate audience in mind the presenters will take the audience through the research methodology as well as the drawbacks of qualitative data. It is important in helping the designer discern the quotes that express the client’s perspective. In the absence of any information about their viewpoint; the site remains in the same way the developers would like it to. However; this doesn’t consider the unique instances where customers find it necessary to use your service over another’s.


The web-base experience in question has been running for some time with success. This kind of project might be able to have a bit better chance of understanding all information points. However; it’s not accurate to think that a plethora of charts and graphs can effectively divide all of the essential information. It is better to have 8 to 10 slides in total as well as at least four or five templates design to make it easier to organize the presentation. Alongside the most common examples of visualisation ; you could find the following tools beneficial for example; a map of a specific customer’s area and a video screen shot of the specific experience or an image of the client in action.

The creation of an exhibit of results of user testing will assist the designers to present the flaws in the present UX. Furthermore; a deeper analysis of the latest research will make the findings more relevant to the users and will inspire the creation of a well-design website that has trustworthiness; appeal as well as accessibility and value. These ideas are by badree samuel currently  have an giant platform for the small business, working on the site called  colourist logo and the write for us UI/UX design page.

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