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Working Strategy Of Super Bowl Squares Printable

Super bowl squares printable are also referred to as football squares. This is exciting that everyone can play regardless of their football knowledge. Playing super bowl squares printable template is one of the best ways to add more sources to the event. 

If you plan to challenge your friends or colleagues or friends for money and bragging rights next year, we will help you with a free super bowl squares printable template. Here you will find more than one option to choose from. In this article, you will understand the classic super bowl square grid and other alternative options. We will also explain how to use them, and therefore, all you require is to print them and fill in the super bowl boxes.

Classic Printable Super Bowl Squares Templates

The templates for the classic super bowl feature 100 by 100 boxes. With no numbers, the first one is to have and add them after taking all the squares. If you want the version with two numbers, we also got you covered. In this, you will have an opportunity, so there will be some strategies involved.

According to the outcome in the previous editions, the best numbers for super bowl squares typically are 0 and 7, while 2 and 5 are the worst. After taking the numbers, you will choose the numbers randomly between 0 to 9. At the end of every quarter, the participant with the same numbers as the last one will win. But the past does not necessarily repeat. Typically, the super bowl squares odds are roughly the same for most numbers.

Alternative Printable Super Bowl Squares Template for 2022

You can also opt for another super bowl 2022 square template for separate variations of the famous match.

The 10 Line Super Bowl Squares Template

The main difference between a 10 line and a classic super bowl squares rule is that every square has one number rather than two. To work, you will require to add up the scores of every team at the end of every quarter and use the last number to determine the winner.

For instance, if team A has 9 points after the first quarter, team B will have 7 points, and the total will be 16. The player who has the number six in the square will secure a victory. The same thing applies to every quarter. This type of super bowl square template fits ten people or five who could choose two boxes.

25 Line Super Bowl Squares Template

Our next super squares template has 25 squares. It is once again similar to the classic version with a slight twist. You will get two numbers for the square, and therefore each participant has a higher chance to win.

50 Line Super Bowl Squares Template

The super bowl grid is a mixture of the classic option between the 25-line super bowl pool grid. You will have only one number for one of the teams but two digits for the other. In that way, you have a chance to hit the price, and again this version of football squares is fit for fewer participants.


You do not need to worry if you do not understand how super bowl squares printable works. The rules for this game are easy. This is because you will only require to pick one or more squares from the grid while other players do the same thing. You can also play this game online if you do not have a large enough number of participants. There are top super bowl sites that run football squares throughout the entire season.

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