History of Rag Dolls and Their Importance for Children

Rag Dolls have a long history dating back to ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. However, this old toy got its indelible mark in the nineteenth century when two ladies in Ithaca printed plush toys. Similarly, an American breeder created the Ragdoll in the 1960s.

Due to years of fabric degradation, most early stuffed animals do not exist. However, Bag WellPet is the oldest rag doll still in North America. Clarissa Field’s ancestors in Northfield, Massachusetts, manufactured this doll around 1770.

Creation of Rag Dolls

Ragdolls were once constructed out of scraps of fabric or corn husks. Professionals created rag dolls with tricot, felt, or velvet throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays, most people make ragdolls through linen and stuff them with rags and papyrus.

Linen is the essential item that professionals use in making ragdolls. Linen covers the whole body of the doll. Similarly, faded wool is another critical item that professionals cover the face and body parts. You can buy handmade rag dolls for sale online if you want one for your child or add to your collection.

The popularity of Rag Dolls

In the United States, until the 1630s, rag dolls were a mode of educating young children and providing consolation. When color printing on fabric was first created in 1830, plush animals began mass manufacture. Until World War II, plush toys were widely utilized.

Oldest Doll in the World

The oldest known doll toy is 4,000 years old, according to legend. One of the oldest dolls discovered is the wooden paddle doll. They were unearthed in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from 2000 BC. However, the reason to make them isn’t apparent. Similarly, dolls with moving limbs date back to 200 BC in Greece. Moreover, documents dating back to 100 BC show the doll as a toy for kids.

Maintenance of Rag Dolls

Ragdolls are well-known for their luxurious coats. Therefore, brushing and grooming them is essential as they need a significant amount of upkeep. Their coats can become tangled and knotted because of their half-length hair. It is the reason why you should not only brush their coats but also comb them using steel combs and brushes.

Rag Dolls and Children

Ragdolls are essential for children as they help them grow intellectually and emotionally. Having a doll teaches them to behave nicely and develop a sense of responsibility. The way they keep their toys shows that they are ready to take care of themselves.

Moreover, the more they show love towards their dolls, the more they become considerate towards the feelings of others. Another benefit of having a stuffed toy is that it reduces children’s dependency on their parents to sleep in their room hugging their toy. Moreover, they get an excellent friend with whom they can play.

Bottom Line

Having a rag doll can help the children in numerous ways. However, you should not think that rag dolls are only for children as the collectors also like to collect different kinds of rag dolls from other countries. If you are also a collector, you can find ragdoll manufacturers online and order you one doll to complete your collection.

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