Most Common Custom Shipping Boxes

One must exercise extreme caution when selecting the boxes to be used for shipping and mailing. The Shipping Boxes must be sturdy, durable, lightweight, customizable, and easy to handle. They must be able to accommodate the various dimensions and sizes of the various items. Corrugated boxes are the best option for shipping in all of these areas. In addition, they can be found at lower prices than any other type of packaging box, including those made of plastic and glass. As a result, corrugated boxes have been taking over the world’s packaging and shipping industries for quite some time now.


You can choose from a wide selection of shipping and packaging cardboard boxes to find the one that’s right for your products. This list will find the ten most popular cardboard box designs for shipping goods. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them individually.


Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)


The most common type of cardboard carton is the regular slotted container. All four carton flaps are the same length, resulting in a square carton. The two outer flaps are aligned at the carton’s center when the carton is closed, while the interior flaps are hidden.


All Flaps Meet


In terms of appearance, this carton resembles a standard slotted carton. This box’s interior and exterior flaps are both aligned at the center of the box, which is the only difference between it and the other. The box has a smooth and flat surface and an even interior when the flaps are closed.


Full Overlap Carton


Suppose all four flaps of a full overlap carton are overlapped at the bottom side of the carton. In that case, the product inside is shielded from external vibrations and therefore protected from damage. Vibrations can damage fragile items like crockery, so packing them in these boxes is critical. All four flaps completely cover the carton. They appear to be stacked one on top of the other when closed.


Half Slotted Carton


There are no flaps on one side of these boxes, which are similar to standard slotted corrugated cartons. Only one side of the carton has flaps. Half-slotted cartons, which have only one pair of flaps, are most commonly used as covers. They aid in the simple transportation of goods by allowing for their quick and easy loading. These boxes can be used to store large items, such as furniture or clothing.

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Five Panel Folder


Items with a long length and a small diameter are well-suited to the five-panel folder’s strength and protection, making it an ideal packaging choice for these items. The outer panel, known as the fifth panel, is the only single cut in the box, which consists of several layers of cardboard.


Design Style Tray


These tray-shaped boxes can be used to store a variety of objects. It can also be used as a top cover for another tray or half-slotted carton in a different design style. Heavy or flat items can be safely stored or transported in this flat tray style box. The box’s flaps are taped, glued, or stapled as you pack the goods inside.


One Piece Folder


It is a single piece of cardboard cut to achieve a flat and even bottom surface while the sides of the box are formed with flaps. The flaps are designed to cover both the bottom and the top of the carton when they are assembled. Books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials are commonly packed in these folder-style boxes. For confidential business documents or blueprints, however, it is not appropriate. Sending these kinds of private documents requires the use of mail tubes, a type of packaging box.


Double Cover Box


Two compartments or partitions are contained within a single tall box in a double-cover box. It stands taller than any of the other boxes, making it ideal for storing items that are both tall and heavy. In order to protect the item, a middle cover is placed on top of the item, which is placed on the bottom surface. A double-cover box is unique in this regard.

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Scored Sheets and Dividers


Scored sheets are formed when the cardboard is cut into various shapes and sizes and inserted inside cartons for the safety of a product. To better protect the contents of the package, they can also be referred to as a box insert or partition. In order to prevent the contents of a carton from becoming lost or damaged during shipping, these scored sheets and dividers are used to fill in any empty spaces.


Corrugated Pads


A corrugated pad is a single piece of cardboard used to cover the top and bottom of a package. Even if the items are packed in a single box, they are used to form layers between them. For example, these corrugated pads are required to form vertical layers between the various dinner set items in order for them not to cling to each other and break.


These are all the different kinds of cardboard cartons available for you to choose from based on the needs of your product in order to keep it safe during the stressful shipping process. Choosing a box that is the right type and size for your product ensures that it will be protected from external damage and arrive at its destination in perfect condition.


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