Handyman Ads: How To Promote Your Business

Creating ads with social media platforms and search engines has become pretty easy these days. A significant impact can be made without spending a lot of money. All you need to do is exactly know what & how to do it.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to advertise a handyman firm both in print and online. Throughout this article, we will give you a few handyman advertising ideas and show you some handyman ads samples.

1. Set up a Website

Almost everything can be found using search engines. An excellent way to advertise your handyman business is to establish an online presence. You can create traction for your site and rank higher in Google searches if you add more content, such as your hours, services, and contact information. 

You don’t have to create a complicated site right away. It’s OK to offer your customers a range of services at different prices and hours as long as they know what you offer.

Also, make sure your website is optimized for mobile pages because most people switch to smartphones to search the web. 

2. Make a Social Media Presence on The Internet 

Having a website allows you to advertise your services, but social media gives you the opportunity. your services can be demonstrated well by a short video clip or a photo. to interact with your customers and establish yourself as a reliable, trustworthy company. Photo and video content can be used to reach all types of people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.

social media

Start a blog describing your business’s activities. Your readers may even learn more about your business. Your content will rank higher in search engines if your customers interact with it.

There are several options for answering frequently asked questions through Facebook Messenger, including programming the app to answer them automatically or answering them manually. In this way, you can quickly build trust by answering the question right away using a notification on your phone.

People in your shop’s network can tag your shop’s Facebook page in their replies to people who put up a Facebook post requesting a handyman. That way, your has to be customers can check you out more quickly.

This handyman advertisement sample comes from a shop that has Facebook Messenger set up to allow customers to reach out to you right away. The business logo should include a friendly face on it that answers questions immediately.

3. Become a Local Business Partner

When you partner with a local business, especially one that is well-known or one that can benefit from your offerings, you can improve your reputation. Using social media, you could post about your work to a local business and offer to build or fix something. Each company should label the other to ensure that followers will see both positions. As a result of your excellent job, not only will the first business get more customers, but so will yours. 

If a business reaches a certain number of followers, it can create different rewards. Every time you reach a milestone, you can host giveaways that benefit a charity of your customers’ choice.

By offering benefits, you can not only engage your customers but also encourage them to tell others about you, thereby increasing your audience.

If your partner refers to you as a customer, you may also offer a cut of the profit. You can’t just benefit from the partnership – it benefits both of you. 

4. Utilize Facebook Ad Manager to Create Handyman Ads

Facebook advertisements for handyman services can be customized. You’ll need to understand what will catch the attention of your target demographic. Make your corporate videos, customer testimonials or special offers more engaging by using video footage.

You can create an appealing Facebook ad by selecting and dragging the information from the templates. Email campaigns can also be run through Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, or other platforms. You send a certain number of email advertisements to customers each month.

Communication is key to letting people know what you do and how they can contact you.

5. Create Business Cards or Postcards

In order to reach as many customers as possible, you may also want to consider printing ads or putting a handyman flyer in newspapers. Ask your neighborhood or local hangout where you could post flyers. Furthermore, business cards clearly detail your business and can be handed out easily.

handyman flyers

You can also send postcards to your prospects with Mailchimp in addition to sending emails. Postcards can be sent out at any time and to anyone, and the information can be changed to coincide with seasonal specials and promotions.

Your postcards should also include “thank you” messages after serving your clients. Let your customers know if you are celebrating an anniversary or introducing a new service.

6. Enhance Your Service Profile

Your users judge your business with an online review. On your website, you should include customer testimonials. 

Ask customers for reviews on Yelp, Google & HomeAdvisor when the job is done. Your website can display the best reviews, with a link to the customer. A promotional postcard thanking each customer for the call is ideal for this step.

The goal is to be friendly, as well as efficient during the entire process. People trust people who are able to do a good job with their time and money. Mark yourself accordingly.

7. Market to Senior Citizens and Property Managers

If there are a lot of older adults living in an assisted living facility or neighborhood, you can advertise handyman services. Residents of these communities often chat with each other, which is wonderful. Therefore, your services will spread via word-of-mouth, potentially increasing your clientele.

If you want to target this demographic, use the image of a handyman working with a senior client. Consider creating special offers just for seniors. Sample handyman ads from the Handyman Connection website not only shows what a handyman’s skills are but also how they cater to seniors.

handyman senior

A property management company can recommend handymen to its clients in the same way. Network with real estate agents or even owners of rental properties.


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