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Create Your Social Media Presentation Deck

Create Your Social Media Presentation Deck

You’ve discovered the requirements of your client regarding social media presence. You know the audience you want to reach, and you’ve come up with some fantastic ideas for content. Hooray! Now is the time to start thinking about how you’ll(buy facebook followers uk) present your social media slides to your customer. note: buy facebook followers uk

Choose your presentation environment

Are you planning to send an online Social Media Powerpoint presentation that includes a slide for every platform? Have you already enlisted your friend, a designer, to design some mockups using Photoshop? Perhaps you have those test pages that let you preview what your posts will look like. Each of these options can be effective up to the moment when your client requires some changes. And then, you can make a few more.

Let’s look at four environments that you can use to present your work. Then, let’s examine what each lets you do.

1. Planable

A specific tool is the best option. We believe that. It’s also the truth.
How to schedule Instagram posts that are playable
Planable provides a single platform to create, collaborate, show and even approve the content of social networks. We can help you preview Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Google My Business, and YouTube posts — I’m taking a deep breath considering the multitude of platforms we can support precisely as they appear after being published. (buy facebook followers uk)We provide one of the most effective marketing presentations you could imagine.

With Planable, you can visualize your content by month or week and view all of your content in one glance across every page. It is possible to strategically plan the content and timetable it with moving and dropping posts within the pre-defined time slots. Just one calendar. One Social Media Marketing Strategy, one presentation across several channels.

Your work should be presented in a visually appealing manner. Provide your client with a real image of what you have achieved. Don’t let him view the link, 3 rows of text, or 4 pictures instead of an actual carousel on Facebook. Give Planable a shot. So when the time comes to send your invoice and be paid for the hard work you put into it, Your customers won’t be reluctant since they will see the work you’ve made to ensure their satisfaction!

In Planable, teams can make plans and develop content for almost all major channels there. It’s all about how to set up Facebook ads. Layout and plan beautiful Instagram grids. The scheduling of TikTok videos. Planning and writing interesting LinkedIn content. Promoting hip local breweries through Google My Business. Making the tags, descriptions, and captions for several YouTube videos simultaneously instead of doing it separately. Craft the perfect, biting, character-number-appropriate Twitter post. Present all the hard work described earlier to your  customers with all its splendor without using the dreaded spreadsheet or clunky mockups.

Create social media-related presentations using Planable’s mockup templates

Have you ever had an examination of your work and thought, “Boy, I’m sure looking forward to setting up a test page to show all this stuff to my client!”? No? I thought so.
The way you present your work is equally important as the work itself. Its true testing pages and PowerPoint presentations loaded with screenshots are messy. note: buy facebook likes uk

Make mockups of your pages. In Planable, you can quickly build an individual page for any seven supported platforms without hassle. The best part is that you don’t have to connect your page. If you do not have authorization or aren’t ready to contact the client for permission, You can still display your work in their context.
Here’s how to do it:
Then, select the relevant platform.
Next, go to “Create a mockup page.”

While we’re there, here are a few of the elements you can alter to make your mockups appealing and personalized to the client’s needs you can:

  • Image of the profile
  • Cover photo
  • Page description
  • Location
  • Username
  • Name of the page

Put all the bad guys up, and your mockup page is ready for comments and collaboration.
If you’d like to raise your mockup to the level of “totally publishable content,” simply connect it to a genuine account. This option is available within the settings of your page:

2. Powerpoint presentation Keynote

Keynote Presentation for March’s Facebook posts Facebook postings for March.
Using PPT or Keynote slides, social media presentations are easily distributed to clients and the team. It is possible to use images, text, pictures, drawings, tables, graphs, tables, and movies to guide people through the slideshow. So far, so good. You can choose to structure your work by social media channels (Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram/Twitter posts), time (month/week/day), or formats (single image/video/carousel/gif, etc. ).
Even when you go that extra mile and make previews of social media posts and then include the posts to your slideshow, they are usually not complete. Again, consider the carousel as an instance. The other cards require additional mockups or an additional email containing hyperlinks that take you to Google Drive, where you will find a folder containing each of the photos.
3. Google slides
This tool is useful for collaborative presentations. It allows you to work on slides with your team with no special software and also observe what your colleagues are working on at any given time. Additionally, every change you make will be automatically saved, which means you don’t have to worry about losing any important information.

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