10 Reasons to Visit Rome

“I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.”

If you are familiar with this famous saying of Augustus, then you know what we are here for! If not, then let us take you on a short trip to a city where you will visit with your will, but couldn’t leave easily.

Rome is a tourist destination for all. For some, it’s about the food; for others, it is about the beaches. Some people head to this town for the architectural wonders, while others do for the history this gorgeous city holds. You can fly out with British Airways Booking at the most affordable flight fares.

If you are also ready to go on his adventure, then we are here to tell you why. There are quite a few fascinating reasons to be in Rome this holiday season. Read this post to find out.

  • Beautifully Carved Fountains : Rome

You might be wondering why anyone would fly to another country to see fountains. Believe us or not, Rome has the most preciously beautifully carved fountains in the entire world. The most famous fountain globally, the Trevi Fountain, is located right here in Rome. Along with that, the city also has Bernini’s Four Rivers fountain, The Spanish Steps, Fontana Delle Tartarughe, and many such wonders as a reason to outdo each other at the time of the Baroque and Renaissance periods. Make sure you walk around the city to get a closer look at these marvels of the city with extreme access to water.

  • Visiting Rome Is Pocket-Friendly

The first thing that anyone considers before even thinking about a vacation is the budget. People thinking of visiting Rome must keep that worry aside. This city is very affordable and does not require its guests to carry big loads of money to get the best out of it. When compared to other cities in Europe, hotels, food, and transportation are way too cheap here. You can rent a room in a luxury hotel for 1.500€  for a night and can get a guesthouse for as little as 50€. Exploring the city on public transport will cost you around €1.50 for 100 minutes.

  • Amazing Weather Throughout The Year

If you are picky about the weather of a place, or if you are someone who can’t take too chilly or too hot surroundings, then Rome is the ideal destination for you. This city experience mild weather throughout the season. This capital city, with a little on the seasonal side, is still packed with tourists from all parts of the world. However, still, if you ask us to choose, we will say that Autumn is the perfect time to be able to take long walks on the streets of Rome.

  • Finger-Licking Food And Finest Wine : Rome

When you ask anyone about the most delicious cuisine they think exists, Italian will come in the best 3 of every person. So, when we are talking about the capital city of Italy, how can we even forget its food. People traveling to Rome for the first time often say that they have gained a few pounds here. This is because no matter how full your stomach might get, your heart would always want to go for another bite. Additionally, you will also find some of the finest wine collections in the city. Every restaurant you visit, you will find the most deciduous wine in their cellar.

  • Fascinating Art and Architecture

Just like the beautifully carved fountains, you will find street arts and architectural wonders in every corner of the city. Since we all are familiar with the fact that the world got some of its most talented artists from Italy, there is no doubt that its capital city is filled with many art galleries holding a collection of hundreds of thousands of art pieces. Masterpieces of Salvi, Michelangelo, Maderno, and any more and architectural wonders such as the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and The Coliseum are good enough reasons to take a trip to Rome.

  • History To Dive Into : Rome

Rome is a place that holds rich history and heritage. If historical events excited you, the city has enough sites for you to explore and spend your entire trip dwelling in it. The real truths of the Roman Empire have intrigued people for decades. You can go through the evidence, documents, and much more to see what the reality is. Even a walk around on the streets will make you feel that with each step you are opening the curtains, this gorgeous city is hidden behind.

  • Welcoming People

People usually go on vacations to meet new people and find themselves. There are quite a lot of places that do not care about their guest. This is not the case with Rome. Localities of this town are welcoming and heart-warming. You can spend hours sharing a drink at one of the bars with a complete stranger without feeling weird. Every resident of Rome is always ready to help and guide its tourists through one of their best adventures.

  • Fashion Capital Of The World : Rome

Everyone is very well aware of how fashionable Italy is. Known as the fashion capital of the world, Rome has the best to offer. Pack some extra bags because you are about to spend most of your budget here on clothes and accessories. The fashion and latest trends you will find here are not even close to any other country in the world. In fact, some of the most famous brands such as Armani, Zara, Sermoneta, and Benetton are all introduced to the world by these European cities.

  • The Town Of Christianity : Rome

Along with fashion, history, art, and adventure, Rome does not lack when it comes to religion. The city has so many churches that you might not be able to visit all on a single trip. The religion and faith the people have here are worth mentioning as a reason to visit Rome. Even though you can’t explore all, here are a few churches that you must take a tour to the Sistine Chapel,  Santa Maria Degli Angeli e dei Martiri, Santi Cosma e Damiano, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and Saint Mary Major.

  • The Smoothest Gelato : Rome

Along with all the food, Rome also serves the smoothest and most delicious gelato. With flavors that you might not even have heard of, you will never get tired of giving your taste bds new surprises every day. You can entirely just get yourself some gelato or can try it with different combinations. Try out the best gelatos in the city at Fatamorgana, the Trevi Fountain, La Romana in Piazza Cola di Rienzo, or Via Ostiense. This place will serve you these sweet creams in mouth-watering flavors, shapes, and combinations.

There are quite a lot of other reasons to visit Rome, but we hope the top 10 reasons we have come up with will make you get British Airways Booking and fly out to the city on your next trip for sure.

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