What Are The Top Attractions To Visit In Boston?

If you love history and historical sites, if you want to take a dive deep into the history of one of the oldest US cities, then Boston is the one for you. It is the right destination for you to take your next trip with family and friends.

A city that stands on the pillars of rich history and heritage, Boston has a big hand in the foundation of the country. This destination is loved by the people who love to explore a place on foot. You can explore most of the top attractions here while taking a walk across the city. But to reach Boston in the first place, you will need to get Air France Booking.

From the Museum of Fine Arts to Faneuil Hall, the city has a lot for you to visit. Further here, we have jotted down some of the top attractions of Boston that you must not miss out on!

  • Freedom Trail : Boston

The first, most affordable, and fun walking tour in America, the Freedom Trail is the perfect place to start your trip with. This trail is the simplest way to get to know the history of Boston closely. From its starting point at Boston Common to where it ends, the North End, you will encounter 16 landmarks of the country. From Paul Revere’s House to the Old State House to the Boston Massacre, a walk along this 4 km trail will give you everything this country has gone through.

  • Boston Common and Public Garden: Boston

You might be a bit surprised to see a public garden on the top of this list. Boston beauty enhances its public park and garden to another level. Boston Common and the public garden are two of the best places to spend a day out in the city. This public park is the oldest and came into existence in 1634. These locations are now set up for tourists to explore the historical life of the country. The park and garden are located side by side and hence make a perfect, huge ground for you to have a picnic, take a walk, or a jog, while you are in Boston.

  • Faneuil Hall : Boston

This building was initially held in a big section of the American revolution. This is where the patriots used to meet and make important decisions. Today, Faneuil Hall is known as the best marketplace in the country. You can shop from the many stores and stalls and dine in Quincy Market. The hall was converted into this touristy place in 1742 after Peter Faneuil got funds from the slave trade. Locals usually recognize Faneuil Hall by the name “Cradle of Liberty.” Many political meetings are still held here in the many rooms in the hall.

  • USS Constitution Museum : Boston

Located close to the Freedom Trail in the North End, USS Constitution Museum will take you through a different section of Boston’s history. Inside the old shipyard building, you will find many evidence, documents, and finding that the USS Constitution held. The ship stands in front of the museum and has many officers and crew members still on board. Historically known by the name “Old Ironsides.” It is operated by the navy itself for its visitors.

  • Fenway Park : Boston

For all its Baseball fan tourists, Boston has Fenway Park. It is the oldest and most visited ballpark. If you are here during the time of a Sox game, be a part of one by making advance bookings. Fenway Park stands on the grounds of Landsdowne Street, which has many other places too for you to explore. Grab a bite or taste a drink at one of the many pubs lined by the street. In case you are in Boston during the winter season, you can also check out the two weeks ice-skating and hockey events called Frozen Fenway.

  • Beacon Hill: Boston

If you want to go on a walk or hike up to the top of Boston and explore the city, Beacon Hill is the most gorgeous neighborhood to do so. These cobbled streets line the astonishing architecture, alluring ambiance, and classic townhouses. The highlight here that no one should miss out on is the Massachusetts State House. Make sure that you do not forget to pack your camera when you are visiting here because this place is ideal for getting the perfect Insta-worthy snaps.

  • New England Aquarium : Boston

Does Aquatic life thrill you? Are you looking for a place where you can get a closer look at the marine life of Boston? If this is what you desire, then New England Aquarium must be on your bucket list. Before getting inside the budding, the first thing that will leave you jaw-dropping is the architecture of the building. After you set your foot in the aquarium, you will find many exhibits and displays that showcase jellyfish, sharks, penguins, seals, and a lot of other varieties of colorful life that underwater withholds. You can also enjoy a marine-life-based movie at the IMAX theatre.

  • Museum of Fine Arts : Boston

For an aesthete, Boston has the Museum of Fine Arts. It is another one of the best tourist attractions in Boston for the guests to visit. Standing on the grounds of Boston since 1870, this museum holds pieces of art of some of the most famous artists. From Goya to Monet to Rembrandt, the museum has a huge permanent and temporary collection of art pieces. You will, here, encounter the talent of Americans from the pre-Columbian to the Colonial era.

  • North End : Boston

Another gorgeous neighborhood with a lot of historical places to explore is North End. After you explore the Freedom Trail and reach the North End, there are a whole bunch of attractions awaiting you. You can head to the Old North Church or Paul Revere House, can satisfy your taste buds at the amazing restaurants, or grab a drink at one of the many pubs or bars. North End is known to have the best Italian-style food, so you can also have a delicious pizza at one of the many pizzerias when you are here.

  • Old State House

The oldest building that survived through every struggle, every flight, the country came across; Old State House is a must-go when you are in Boston. Situated in the heart of the city, this museum has a lot of stories to tell its visitors. One of the most astonishing events took place right from the balcony of this red-bricked building. The American Declaration of Independence was announced to the people of the country from right from the balcony of the Old State House in 1776.

Boston is a city of many historical sites that people must take a trip to. So, get yourself an Air France Flight Booking to Boston and do not miss out on any of the above-mentioned fantastic attractions that the city has to offer.

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