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Kedarkatha Trek: Everything to Know


Kedarkantha is the highest trek within the Uttarakhand Himalayas. Along with seeing the beautiful valleys around Kedarkantha, you can also see sunrise and sunset here. Kedarkantha is considered to be the best trek to trek in winters.

Kedarkantha trek is such a popular winter trek that you can also call it the queen of winter treks. Knee deep snow in winters, a wide ranging view of the encompassing valleys and scenic make it extremely popular among trekkers. This trek passes through the dense deodar forests of Govind  Park.

Some Facts

  • Start/End points of Trek – Sankari village
  • Time to finish the trek- 6 days 5 Nights
  • Kedarkantha trek distance- 20 km
  • Height of Kedarkantha trek-  12500 ft
  • Kedarkantha trek difficulty level- Easy to moderate level
  • Best time to trekking- January to April

Why is the Kedarkantha trek special?

Firstly, it is an easy trek, yet one of the most beautiful. This offers a great return on investment (in terms of effort and skill required) for most trekkers and especially for beginners.

A total of 13 peaks, which are in front of you during this trek. This is a pretty impressive number, especially when they are all covered in snow and offer spectacular views of the sunlight. Swargarohini, Black Peak and Bandarpoon are some of the  particularly beautiful Himalayan peaks that you will see on this trek.

It is relatively easy to access, as it is not far from Dehraddun, which offers very good connectivity via road, rail and air. The drive from Dehradun to Sankri is an experience in itself, guaranteed to make you stick to your window seat perfectly.

The most striking and unique feature of the Kedarkantha trek is the number of wide and open clearings this trek offers, which is quite unusual and not found on most other treks. This is the reason why the campers on this trek are reputed to be among the most heavenly. Juda Ka Talab, Kedarkantha base and other campsites are located on these clearings, which are situated amidst peaks of snow and sunshine.

You have spectacular and breathtaking 360-degree views of the snow-capped mountains all around you. The campsite at Kedarkantha base is one of the most scenic campsites that any trek in India has to offer, and is the perfect place to lay down your tent, cook some maggi and make your night’s  fully sleepy.

Also the views you see on the way and finally on the summit are unparalleled in beauty and grandeur. The Himalayas present themselves here in all their splendor, and trekkers find the experience to be the most rewarding.

Kedarkantha trek is the only trek that gives the feeling of an expedition with a shorter trek distance. Generally expedition based treks require longer distance, higher altitude and obviously more days to do this type of trekking. Kedarkantha comes with all the above solutions . Hence it is considered for the best trek as an all-rounder. Anyone can do this trek. Also, it makes us beginner friendly so there are no worries for the first timers.

The most interesting thing about  Kedarkantha is that you can see many treks from this single trek. Like; Har ki Dun valley, Ruinsara valley, Bali Pass, Borasu Pass , Sarutal, Pikachu Kandi Pass etc. Not only this, the most beautiful mountain ranges of the Himalayas are also visible from here.


  • Before starting the trek, check the weather.
  • Attempt to keep the load of your bag up to 10-12 kg.
  • If you are not experienced in trekking within the mountains, then you’ll  take an area guide with you.
  • Before starting the trek, make sure to get information about the rules related to Kedarkantha trek.
  • Before starting the trek, the trekking agency which is doing this trek, then first of all do not forget to take information about the itinerary.
  • Trekking during the monsoon season is generally avoided, especially for those who are new to trekking, as the region receives frequent rains which can lead to cloudbursts, landslides and roadblocks. So be a little extra careful during this point.
  • Do not choose  this trek alone unless you are amid an experienced guide. Always do trekking in groups of two or more.


If you furthermore may  want to adventure with nature, this trekking may be a good option. It tells you your potential. It takes you closer to nature, where there is a lot of relaxation and  peace. So we will say that Kedarkantha  may be a gift given naturally ,where we should always not need any quiet reason to travel camping. During trekking in Kedarkantha, the view is extremely mesmerizing even in the dark . Everyone knows alright about Kedarkantha in India.


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