The complete guide for easy 3D drawing

The complete guide for easy 3D drawing. In the drawing, others tend to cause problems – the design of the 3-D shapes. The basic rules of perspectives and a method for 3D forms are systems that are typically many beginners to respond to design difficulties.

How do you draw three-dimensional shapes? Draw 3D shapes applying the basic rules of the linear perspective. Other design methods can draw three-dimensional forms, such as isometric and technical orthogonal trailing systems.

How to draw forms in 3D?

This article describes different ways to go beyond a beginner, from designing simple primary forms to creating 3D designs in perspective.

What device does it need?

To create easy 3d drawings, some essential equipment is required. Here is a crucial list of what you need to start.

HB pencil. The essential HB pencil is an excellent option to draw basic guidelines for creating perspective designs. With the advantage of developing policies without rubbing and cancellation required.

Pencil B. The soft dark integrated socket on the b node b-pencil pencil is suitable for dark profiles in designs that use perspective.

Register board. Character boards are an element of helpful equipment Clear ruler. When creating technical drawings, a clear fundamental plastic ruler is sufficient. Make sure the design is clean and does not produce signs on paper and generate pencil guidelines initially caused.

Paper clips. A small but essential peripheral contains the paper during traction to any corner in place.

How do you draw 3D designs?

Many people find heavy three-dimensional forms difficult, so it is always advisable to practice their ability in the design needed for their control. The method of forms and base shapes creates more complex profiles with spirit. The most common and rare forms in the actual earth are primary and three-dimensional forms. Learning to draw these forms and conditions is essential to make progress with the design.

It starts with a cube of a point of viewpoint. Like any other drawing technology, the perspective regularly requires improving and becoming an expert.

How do you draw in 3D Basic Shapes?

First, designing three-dimensional shapes is always a good idea to practice primary base forms with a sheet of paper and a pencil to start drawing primary forms to achieve this goal. So what are the primary forms?

The cube.

The first form I want to explain is the solid nuts. To pull the dice:

  1. Pull a square shape to ensure that each position is the same length.
  2. Draw three diagonal lines on the right side of the cube.
  3. Connect each of the corners of the cube with two lines.
  4. Create a three-dimensional vision.

The second mode I want to present is the drawing of a transparent cube. Draw two square shapes, one of which is pulled in the first form of producing a three-dimensional cube, and connect the corners with a train. Create a transparent cube.

The sphere.

Start with the design of a simple three-dimensional sphere. Several approaches can be used. The simple method is to draw a circular object with a light pencil mark. An alternative approach is to draw the ball outline silhouette to use a compass to draw a circle. Draw the cylinder contour and find the center.

Measure half of the half and draw a light point on each circle side. Then, he draws elliptical curves from one point to another. The design of the ellipse in the middle of the circle produces a three-dimensional shape, sound, and matter. To give the drawing a feeling of 3D form, wear the sound with a pencil and disconnect the circle in three dark medium zones.

The cylinder

Another simple three-dimensional form is a design of a cylinder. First, pull an elliptical oval shape on paper. In addition to fake lines, draw two parallel lines on the side. To draw the bottom of the cylinder, make a half-curved oval shape. To add sound to this design, create three weak guidelines with a pencil. Start dark areas to turn on the left side of the cylinder. Little by little, wear the sound from one side of the form on the other side. Remember to consume the pressure from the pencil when the value applies.

Rectangular prism

easy 3D drawing

A rectangular prism is similar to a nut. To pull a long red rectangular shape. Draw three diagonal lines from every corner to ensure you have the same length and all at the same corner. To finish the rectangular prism, connect the corners for eight three-dimensional shapes.

The prism

There are several methods to draw a prism. The simplest way is to drag an equilateral triangle to a sheet of paper to ensure that each line has the same length. Pull one next to the other on the three corners on the triangle’s left side.

This method creates a simple three-dimensional form that resembles the prison. A prism is a transparent form, and to make pencil transparency. It can pull weak lines representing the hidden edges of the shape of the prism.

The cone

The simplest way to draw a three-dimensional cone is to initially form to V. Rotate the V form and join both edges with a curved line. To give this design the appearance of a three-dimensional shape, drag the bar to the bottom of the bottom.

Now we have drawn a cone. Add value and shading by dividing the shape into three sections. Quickly draw a line that extends from the companion of the cone to its base. These sections include three areas, dark, central, and accessible. Maternal and highlighted that apply these shadows and value intervals give the module a sense of form.

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