Benefits of Ammonia-Free Hair Colour

Hair colouring is one of the latest fads in the beauty industry that is here to stay. Whether you colour your hair for grey coverage or for fashion reasons; the catch is to do it with safe ingredients and products. The products that have ammonia in them are not safe for use. Hence, buyers look for beauty brands that have ammonia-free hair colours

Reasons that make ammonia dangerous for your hair

The purpose of infusing ammonia in hair colours is simple. It is the ingredient that gives the hair colour product the required pigment that it can emit in the hair. In short, it is the ammonia that puts colour in your hair. It acts as a bleaching agent, removes the dark colour of your original hair and deposits the selected colour in the hair as a consequence. Ammonia can have a damaging impact upon the hair follicle making hair appear dry, brittle, and unhealthy. 

It is not only the person who is getting the hair dyed who is at risk of losing hair health. Even the person who applies the colour is going to suffer the ill impact of ammonia. It can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, through, and respiratory organ of the applicator too. 

Where do you find ammonia?

Did you know that ammonia is a chemical that is present in plastics, fertilizers, explosives, and pesticides? So, you can well imagine the extent of harm it can cause to your hair. In simple words, melanin is the pigment in our body that controls the colour of our hair and skin. Tyrosine is a protein in the human body that controls melanin. Now, ammonia damages tyrosine and thus the natural tendency of protecting hair colour is under threat.

So, now you can imagine the kind of threat you expose your hair to when you use ammonia-based hair colour. 

  • Ammonia is also responsible for damaging the sebaceous glands that generate sebum. Sebum is the natural moisturizer of hair. So, ammonia is responsible for hair thinning as one uses ammonia-based hair colour. Even if you moisturise your hair, you cannot protect them from the potential dangers of ammonia-based products. 
  • As ammonia “attacks” the hair cuticle to deposit colour in it, it causes damage to the cuticle. The structural intensity of the hair is destroyed. You can take beauty treatments to restore the health of cuticles but ammonia has a permanent damaging impact on the hair. 
  • When ammonia is mixed with water, it forms ammonium hydroxide and turns into a very strong irritant that causes irritation in the eyes and nose. It can cause a burning sensation in the eyes. 
  • If you are thinking about how ammonia impacts the lungs/respiratory system, then here is your answer. It enters the bloodstream through the scalp. So, it can cause lung difficulties, sinus, and throat infections Inhaling ammonia can cause breathing difficulty for Asthma patients. 

So, now that you are aware of the potential dangers and damages of ammonia, you will select an ammonia-free hair colour to live a mess-free life. 

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Advantages of using ammonia-free hair colours

  • Ammonia-free hair colour does not cause irritation to the skin and eyes.
  • Another big advantage of using such colours is that the hair cuticle is not exposed to the dangers of ammonia-based products. So, the hair is able to maintain its strength. 
  • The eyes and nose also remain safe because such products do not have an annoying odour.
  • Moreover, the colour without ammonia is safe for people suffering from respiratory problems.

You may have to keep using ammonia-free hair colour if you want grey coverage. But what would stop you from doing this if the product is sans ammonia? So, enjoy your hair colouring sessions completely free of guilt that may surround your thoughts for causing damage to your hair. 

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