Some Brands We Love To Follow On Instagram

Some Brands We Love To Follow On Instagram

While classes on social media, specifically focused on Instagram and absorbing all the tips and tricks from other people, are beneficial.(buy tiktok followers uk)  However, there’s nothing better than engaging with brands and taking in the knowledge of the most successful companies that comprehend Instagram have a clear focused audience and have a plan to interact with their followers. It’s like learning at work or practical training; however, while you can get knowledge from reading excellent guides or white papers, eBooks and white papers, you’re more likely to stay with and interact with brands you regularly follow on Instagram.

There are a lot of brands we love, and many of them are worthy of having a place within our hearts (and in the list). But, we’ve reviewed the top 10 brands we love on Instagram and found some essential to follow in watching the experts and gaining the ideas of others to develop your own.

1. Starbucks

It shouldn’t come as a reason to be surprised that Starbucks is on the top of our list of top brands. The coffee shop founded in humble times situated in Seattle, Washington, has expanded to become one of the leading fast-food companies in the world. It was established to create some of the finest drip coffee available, and its expansion has made it an international supplier with Pike Place Brew and so many more.

Why We Love Starbucks on Instagram

It is interesting to note that around 50% of the content found on Starbucks’ Instagram is user-generated content. That is, content that users have shared and added tags to Instagram. Starbucks takes advantage of the user-generated content that is fantastic advice to all Instagram accounts.


2. Oreo

Blue and brown chocolate packsWho thought that a black and white cookie could be such a personality in social networks?

Oreo has a beautiful time on Their Instagram feed. They rely on videos to fill their meals and include photos of Oreos dipped into traditional milk glasses.

The brand also takes advantage of current events, like sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, Valentine’s Day, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and more.

Why We Love Oreo on Instagram

We are particularly impressed by Oreo’s capacity to make the most of opportunities that arise from these time-sensitive events. It’s something that any brand could use to enhance its marketing strategies, especially when it comes to social media. Making use of these events promptly is a huge win for companies of any size.


3. Whole Foods

Recipes, recipes, recipes! Whole Foods is focused almost exclusively on developing easy-to reproduce recipes for their fans, including tacos, salads, and soups.

Instead of focusing on the ‘brand or the ‘product of whole foods (a traditional brick and mortar store), the Instagram channel has adopted focusing on food’s valuable and practical uses. The aim is to encourage users to return for more and engage with recipes they enjoy.

Why We Love Whole Foods on Instagram

Whole Foods is focused on engaging users through recipe sharing and content creation. It’s a lively, colourful feed, with pictures that draw the most basic of chefs to gourmets of restaurants.


4. Apartment Therapy

A leather chair that has an ottoman close to a piano that has an open soundboard (buy tiktok followers uk )

With more than 1.5 million people following Instagram, Apartment Therapy is the best place to be for anyone interested in interior design. The sharing of beautiful photos selected from their fans means they have Apartment Therapy has invested only in the administration for the Instagram account. Not image-making and production.

This is a fantastic way to reach audiences, just like Starbucks. In the account bio, Apartment Therapy encourages followers to post their own unique, stunning images using the hashtag #apartmenttherapy. The company’s internal team monitors the hashtag for images to share.

Why We Love Apartment Therapy on Instagram

Apartment Therapy knows its target audience and is in touch with those sharing great content. This means that the company is no longer reliant on creating images and is more dependent on curating content from others. It’s an excellent opportunity to be featured on a public account.


5. WeWork

A man was wearing a blue dress shirt, sitting on a rolling chair in a space with screensWeWork, an office space that provides monthly memberships for freelancers, remote employees, and more.

We are amazed by how WeWork uses the power that is Instagram Stories. Through Instagram, Stories WeWork showcases various places around the world, personal stories, and tips on WeWork places.

6. The Keg

The Keg is a North American steakhouse that has earned quite a reputation for a chain of a smaller size; however, we decided to feature the Keg as an illustration due to the fantastic way they present their food pictures. The Keg feed is consistent. Every image must have the same graphics and overlays, making it compatible with scrolling across desktops, mobile, and other devices.

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We’re big advocates of consistent photos regarding filters, graphic treatment, and much more. We’re awestruck by the consistency that we see the Keg’s Instagram feed, particularly for a smaller North American brand.

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