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Uncharted 4: How To Solve The Wheel of Founders Puzzle

In Uncharted 4, players can solve the Wheel of Founders puzzle by finding hidden symbols located on the portraits of pirates and rotating a wheel.

Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End Wheel of the Founders Puzzle
In Uncharted 4, as players progress through Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight, they will soon find themselves facing the Wheel of Founders puzzle. This puzzle is found in the chamber beneath the clock tower after they have solved the clock tower puzzle. Once players have successfully entered the chamber, they will discover a large wheel labeled “Founders” decorated with various sigils. Nathan and Sully will need to line the sigils with the appropriate pirate captain. Players need to first align the sigils for Henry Avery and Thomas Two by rotating the skull and crossbones once to the left and the sword to the right.While there may be an abundance of action sequences in Uncharted 4, to begin this puzzle, players should head through the only door that will open and take note of the highlighted symbols on each painting in the room. In addition, players should note the highlighted symbols in Nathan’s journal. For instance, Baldrige’s symbol is found near his right shoulder, and Condent’s is located just below his hand. Additionally, Bonny’s highlighted symbol is found is on the right side of her waist near her wrist.With each symbol noted in the journal, players should return to the room with the wheel and adjust it accordingly. For example, players will need to rotate Baldridge’s sigil once to the left and Condent’s sigil once to the right. Bonny’s sigil should also be turned once the right. Players will know they have completed this step correctly when the wheel’s second row of symbols appears.

The Wheel Of Founders Puzzle Solution In Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 Jungle

The second part of this puzzle begins when Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 texts Sam. After that scene, players can venture into the newly-open chamber to discover a fallen portrait. Players will need to mount the portrait back on the wall. Examining this painting will reveal it to be Mayes’s painting with symbols under the column on the left side. Other highlighted symbols in this room can be found on Richard Want’s painting next to his pipe and a symbol beneath Farrells’ sword hand.

Once again, players should note these three symbols in their journal and return to the room with the Founders Wheel. This time, players should rotate Want’s sigil once to the right, Farrell’s sigil once to the left, and adjust Mayes’s sigil 180 degrees, so it is upside-down. Completing this step successfully will again open a new chamber. Like before, Nathan will text Sam to progress the story in Uncharted 4. Players will then be able to proceed to the new chamber.

In addition, an unnamed pirate has a symbol on his burned elbow, and another unnamed portrait has a highlighted snake symbol on the right side of his head. Using the process of elimination, players can determine Tarik bin-Malik is the pirate with the snake.

In this Uncharted 4 puzzle, players should notate these symbols in their journal. And return to the wheel for the final time. This time, players will need to move the symbol that correlates with the portrait. Accordingly, players will need to rotate the scales 180 degrees so that they’re upside-down. The snake once to the left, the monkey 180 degrees so that it’s upside-down. And the tiger once to the right. The wheel should turn once complete, and players can photograph the three completed discs to solve the puzzle.

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