How to Migrate Emails from iCloud to Gmail? | Complete Guide

In this scenario, learn about how to migrate emails from iCloud to your Gmail account. Here, we will discuss a direct and simple solution to transfer emails from iCloud to Gmail. You can use the IMAP Email Migration Tool solution for importing iCloud mail to your Gmail account.

Hence, to make your easy and quick below we are going to explain the easiest way to import emails from iCloud to Gmail with attachments. And, without being corrupted and losing the data. Therefore, users have multiple reasons to migrate all the iCloud mail to Gmail account.

So, let us start the article, to know more information and reasons.

Reasons to Import Emails from iCloud to Gmail Account:

Over a long period of research, we find that a large number of users are finding the way to Migrate iCloud to a Gmail account. However, there is no manual method available to transfer emails from iCloud to a Gmail account.

Some of the Most Common Reasons Why Users Want to Move emails from iCloud to Gmail

iCloud Mail is designed for users who prefer a simple and basic email service that is sufficient for a home user also. But by using Gmail you can do more with your email account, unlike iCloud mail account such as below-mentioned:

  • A Gmail account can easily and directly be accessed by multiple popular email client software such as Outlook.
  • It also provides excellent mobile software that is much better than iCloud.
  • Gmail drive provides several apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and more others.
  • Gmail gives freedom to choose on UX, Inbox by Gmail, and many other task management designs.

Professional Approach: Transfer Emails from iCloud to Gmail Account

As you all know, there is no manual method to migrate emails from iCloud to Gmail. Backup iCloud Emails is one of the best email migration solutions that allows you to transfer emails from iCloud to Gmail. So, that’s why have explained the easiest solution to make your conversion simple and easier. The software provides a direct method to import iCloud to a Gmail account. You need to provide only the login credentials of both accounts to transfer from iCloud Mail to Gmail.

How to Migrate Emails from iCloud to Gmail With Attachments? | Working Steps

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine. Click on the Open Button.
  2. Now, Email Accounts>> Open IMAP Configured Accounts>> Add accounts Email Address and Password.
  3. The software will load all the Hotmail Folders on its Left panel.
  4. Now, from Saving Options, Choose the Gmail file.
  5. Enter your Gmail login ID and password. And, choose the required filters and mail folders for the selective migration. Finally, Click on the Backup Button.
  6. The tool will start the iCloud to Gmail migration process and on the completion, then open a new window showing the message “Conversion done Successfully.”
  7. Once you can click on the OK Button, a log file will open showing the complete conversion status. Save it as a TXT file for future reference.
  8. Finally, click OK to finish the process. Demo Edition Export only 10 items from each folder. For more, you need to upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

Import Emails from iCloud to Gmail – Major Features & Benefits

1. Migrate Multiple iCloud Accounts: The tool offers a batch option to migrate multiple iCloud accounts data to Gmail account in a single process. A user needs to create a CSV file containing all your iCloud email accounts credentials and upload it on the user interface. The utility automatically loads all your iCloud data in the next step.

2. Selective Migration with Advanced Settings: This program comes with multiple advanced filter options to import only selected emails from iCloud to Gmail account. By using these filters, one can easily transfer emails by specific date range, by email subject, by email addresses, and more others.

3. Maintains Folder Hierarchy Structure: During the conversion process, the tool keeps all email folder hierarchy structures without changing the meta properties. So, after the complete process, you will get the original folder structure without any issues.

4. Proxy Server Mode for Login: If you are facing any issues while login into your email account with our software, then you can use the proxy server option. Anyone can use this proxy server login option to access their iCloud mail account from any location.

5. 100% Secure Migration Process: It will migrate emails from iCloud to Gmail account with a completely secure environment. During the process, it will never store your email account credentials in the user interface as well as the software database.

The Verge

In the above article, we have explained how to migrate emails from iCloud to Gmail account directly. Now you can easily and quickly free up your iCloud space by using this software. You have also learned the step-by-step process to add iCloud Mail to the Gmail account process. The trial version of this utility will enable the users to export only 10 emails from iCloud mail to Gmail. Users can easily switch to a license version tool for lifetime use.

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