Seven Tips for Effective Safety Awareness Training Programs


When you hear the term “cyber security awareness” you think of fire shortcuts, antivirus,web security, and much more. However, how often do we think and speak of people? 

 Insider Cost Organizations Billions

According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, the average cost of internal and related events is $ 8.76 million, more than double the average cost of all data violations in the same year of $ 3.86 million.


Cybersecurity is no longer a technology problem. The story of the people. In addition, equipping people with the skills to protect themselves and their organizations from threats is an important part of a strong cybersecurity program.

If your organization’s goal is to comply with regulations such as FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and industry regulations, you should provide safety awareness training to meet your compliance obligations.

Using a Strong Security Monitoring System

In addition the main goal of establishing a comprehensive plan is not to meet compliance requirements. The main goal is to prevent the loss of sensitive data.

Here are seven tips to set up an effective cybersecurity system.

  1. Estimate the nature of the threat.

Awareness of important assets is often the first step in developing a comprehensive safety awareness system. Such an assessment could be anything from a company-wide cybersecurity survey to a crime of identity theft. And the results are used to present major programs. That can be used to address the problems identified in the test. ankara travestileri

  1. Train employees to be on the lookout for attacks of identity theft.

A recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report states that the number of cyber crime attacks has increased dramatically.

In addition it is also important to emphasize the impact of employee behavior on the organization. Simulated crime frauds are available in the market to help identify risks in your organization. And we recommend that you use a variety of methods to train these vulnerable employees. bahis siteleri

  1. Be creative with content.

In addition it is important that your content is appealing to the interest of organizations large and small. As human beings, we often remember stories that evoke images. Our emotional content stimulates our thinking. And motivates us to act. Considering that standard non-shelf training is not for everyone. It also makes sense to organize content based on different viewers.

  1. Education is a continuous process.

Like security guard, perhaps you want to establish an ongoing training program. This means creating a curriculum that incorporates multiple security threats. And puts security on the path through the common rhythm of topics and trends. In addition training programs can be developed when hiring new staff. With security in mind, it is a good time to publish and share reports of common data breaches.

  1. Use data to measure efficiency.

The process of measuring the cyber security awareness is important. Another way to measure the impact of training is to calculate the number of security incidents that occur in your organization before.

In addition another way to measure is to raise cyber security awareness of the comparative number of safety incidents. reported by employees. From a content perspective, you can look at presence and class feedback to check if your training content is attractive enough or needs to be changed.

  1. Make sure the system is compliant.

Regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. It helps to establish the best practices and procedures required by many organizational and government regulations. Ensuring that your system complies with these rules can help increase the security efficiency of your organization.

  1. Get C-level buy- in.

All cultural changes start at the top. With the support of senior management, you can be sure that you will get more support from more teams. It is not only a good idea to establish a common communication rhythm to alert users to safety awareness, but also Cleeve managers to send alerts from time to time to emphasize the importance of this cultural change. It can also be interesting to hire.

In short, security awareness training is one of the most effective countermeasures against cybersecurity. By incorporating these tips into your awareness program, you can help your employees avoid becoming weak links. Instead, employees can identify potential threats and make appropriate decisions.
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