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ED Tech Tools You Should Try



It can difficult to figure out which students participate in class discussions and how frequently. For example, a free iPad app, Equity Maps, is designed to help you keep track of this.

To begin, draw up a seating chart showing where each student will take a seat during a class discussion. It’s easy to participate in a group discussion by tapping on the icon of each student as they speak. In addition, equity Maps track students’ talk time, so when you’re done with the class, you can get an overview of the number of active participants and whether there was equal gender distribution among those actively engaged.

Some additional features, such as a “chaos” button to keep track of times. When the formal discussion disintegrated into many smaller conversations, are also available. For example, if you have an audio recorder, you can even record the entire conversation. So that you and your students can go over it later with the map and see how they performed.



This is one of the most comprehensive writing resources I’ve come across. You can use ProWritingAid to examine the quality of your writing. From passive voice to overused, from the use of clichés to variety. After that you hover your mouse over the highlighted areas in the text, you’ll see suggestions for how to improve the piece. You can do this by writing directly into the tool, copying and pasting, or uploading a document.

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You’ll get a summary report that includes the readability of your piece. The number of times you used certain words, the most unique words in your piece. Your average sentence length (along with a graph that actually shows you where sentences of different lengths are placed). How often you used adverbs (which can weaken your writing), and how often you used weak or passive wording. There is a free version, but the free version is more than adequate.

Take a look at this tool as an English teacher—it will reinforce a lot of what you’re teaching your students, and it will help you identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, making it much easier for you to tailor instruction to their specific needs.



The virtual reality platform Google Expeditions is already familiar to many teachers, allowing them to explore hundreds of locations around the world in 3D. With Tour Creator, you can now design your own custom tours for your friends and family. For example, we can use imagery from Google Street View or our own 360-degree photos to create our own tours, which we can then publish directly into Poly, Google’s library of free VR and AR objects.

As part of a research project, students can create tours or use them as a way to reflect on a field trip or even as a supplement to a creative writing assignment. Tours of your school, classroom or town can be created using these. For example, the Google Cardboard VR headset, which a small group of students can use if your school does not yet have much VR technology, is an excellent place to start if you do not yet have much VR technology in place.



We believe that magic exists in the world, and it is our mission in life to help you discover it. Since “goodness grows through the tiniest gaps in the sidewalk,” we look for stories that portray a positive outlook on life.

We can learn about the wonders of the world by watching short, well-produced videos about people and events all over the world. These stories will pique your interest and instill a sense of awe and wonder in you about the world. It’s possible to search for videos based on themes such as Human Condition or Planet Earth or create your own curated playlist. For example, the oldest female BMX racer in the United States, a 12-year-old scientist who took on Flint’s water crisis, and the accidental invention of the best snack food ever are just some of the stories featured in this issue.

This type of collection should be added to your school’s collection of teaching resources. Because the video is fast becoming a well-respected form of “text” that can be consumed and analyzed just as deeply as any print text. Although the videos on Great Big Story have been rated safe for all audiences on YouTube and Facebook. Some content will not be appropriate for younger viewers because they were not made specifically for a student audience. If teachers want their students to learn from videos, they should first watch them.



With the help of Google Street view, this engrossing game places you virtually anywhere in the world. Your journey begins on a rural road, and the goal of the game is to determine your location. Even though you can turn around and zoom in on things in the app in order to get a closer look. You’ll often find yourself traveling for quite some time before you find any clues. It’s only when you see something—ideally a road sign. But at least something with language on it—that you can begin to decipher it.

No matter how many times I’ve played, I’ve always been amazed at how many resources. I was able to gather to figure things out, even though I have no idea if I’m following the rules exactly. When I’m trying to figure out what a language is, I use. Google image matches, Google Translate, and even Wikipedia to get an idea of what it is. There are at least four or five tabs open at the same time that I’m trying to narrow down a specific location. So, for example, I had no idea the Swedish island of Gotland existed! Springhares in South Africa, for example, look a lot like kangaroos to me.

In order to get a score, you select a location on a map and see how close you came to the correct location. It’s exhilarating to be so close. This would be good for students who finish early, for days when the class is in a rut. Even as a way to show appreciation for good work. It’s that much fun.


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